Oh Hail No!

All Hail the Weather Gods!
All Hail the Weather Gods!

There are many ways in which Mother Nature may try to kill us when we are behind the wheel- tornados flipping us into the nearest abutment, tsunamis sweeping us off the the coast and into shark-infested waters, or by pile-driving 2-inch balls of ice through our windshields.
Image source: [Imgur.com]


  1. I've lived through egg-sized hail twice in my life. The first shattered the back window of my sister's car — while we were riding in it!
    The second gave us a new roof, new screen door, new bathroom window, new paint on the fence…and 1500 dollars of dent repair to the SuperCrew, which we'd only had about a year at the time.

  2. This happened in Alberta a few years ago, we managed to get all our cars under cover but the fifth wheel trailer was trashed (so was the crop). Sucks to see it happen to cars.

  3. Are you serious? I didn't even see this was the page title before entering it?
    Ok, it's nearly time to go home, so apparently my brain is shutting down.

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