I don’t think that 2021 will be the respite that so many believe it to be. We’ve been doing this dumb dance that the next year will be better since 2014… That’s like 30 years ago. 2020 hasn’t aged well for me.

As a result, maybe we all need to start thinking about building our own bug-out¬†vehicles. A bug-out vehicle is supposed to be capable, reliable, decent on fuel economy, and… Who cares?

This Corvette seems like a decent starting point.

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Maybe this International Scout. Do not pay any attention to the daylight filtering through the sides of the tailgate. You usually pay extra for that kind of luxurious air circulation.

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However, this is probably the best option. It just needs some decent all-terrains, and you’re set with a 400-mile range.

Maybe I’ve been working from home for too long. I am daydreaming about getting away from everyone. What vehicle would you choose to avoid the world?