NYIAS – It's Truck Thursday, So it must be time for Trucks at the Show

Yes it is Truck Thursday, and here are some of the trucks that were on the display floor. Usually, the trucks and commercial vehicles are located on the lower floor of the show, and Ford decided to group their trucks with more than a few Mustangs (????). Chevrolet and GMC trucks were grouped together, and the Chrysler Ram division had quite an assortment. Nissan decided to have all the “Trucks” finished in Silver, while Toyota grouped their trucks with paraphernalia like Mountain Bikes, Snow Boards, Motorcycles and the like. Make the jump to see more…

The Ford Raptor looking better than ever
The Nissan Silver Trucks. There's a new Pathfinder, and it's not in this picture!
A Hot Ram 1500 with MOPAR accessories
This is a basic Toyota Tacoma 4X4. (Psst… It has Crank Windows!)
The FJ Cruiser with a ton of TRD Accessories.
A Freightliner Sprinter Van decked out as a Tradesman's Wet Dream!

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