Now’s the Time to spend Money on the Dark Side of the Hoon

This shirt comes in any color you like, as long as it’s black. Say hello to our latest t-shirt design “The Dark Side of the Hoon”. This is a shirt I’ve wanted to produce for years now. I love Pink Floyd. I love the Hooniverse. Mash them up and we have this shirt right here.

Dark Side of the Hoon shirt

The Dark Side shirt joins our Mechanic’s Only and Logo shirts over on the Blipshift partner store. We still have decals available as well.

Next up, I’m designing a fairly basic shirt reminiscent of a vintage tee. It’s our ten-year anniversary this year, so I want something that says established in 2009. Nothing fancy. Our name. When we started. Clean and cool.

Dark Side of the Hoon shirt

For now though, please enjoy our latest shirt co-created with the wonderful people from Blipshift. Head over to the store to give it a closer look and, you know, buy one or two.

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