Not Your Average Nurburgring Video: BMW Procar + Klaus Graf

Is there such a thing as an ordinary Nurburgring video?  Can anyone ever get sick of watching cars drive around that glorious green hell in the Eifel mountains? In this case, championship sports car driver Klaus Graf is filmed flogging a retired BMW Procar M1.  This is no ordinary Procar, though.  This particular car was driven to a third place overall at the 1980 ADAC 1000KM of the Nurburgring by none other than Hans Joachim Stuck, and F1 star Nelson Piquet.  Okay, so the car has history with the course, and it’s being driven by an excellent racer.  How cool is that.

Graf, for those of you who do not know, has recently been one of the drivers behind the wheel of this Aston Martin Lola in the American Le Mans Series.
Turn up your speakers loud enough to scare your neighbors, and enjoy!

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