You know there’s going to be an Aston Martin. There will most certainly be Land Rovers. And you should go into this knowing that the stunts will be great. The second official trailer for No Time to Die is here and it nails all that I just said.

Right out of the gate, there’s an insane stunt involving a fourth-generation Maserati Quattroporte. It’s likely CGI but automakers and stunt people are insane so who knows. It’s probably a wild combination of both. From there we move to Bondian drama and the opening bells of the iconic theme song. Soon though we see what looks to be an Aston Martin Valkyrie in a tunnel. I do hope that gets some use.

There’s the familiar DB5 being an important member of the Double 0 team. Excellent two-wheeled action is going to be a part of this film. We get a great look at the next Double 0 agent, played by Lashanna Lynch who is clearly ready to take on this franchise, before a quick glimpse at an older Aston Martin Vantage.

After that, the wildness ramps up. A fleet of Land Rover Defenders is in full send mode. And there’s a secret plane that also can transform into a submarine. This film is keeping with its Daniel Craig Bond-era action but bringing in some great gadgets as well. This looks to be a proper sendoff for my own personal favorite Bond (I didn’t say he was the best, mind you, but I enjoy his films the most).

The movie lands in theaters in November. Hopefully, it also hits streaming services soon after…