Nicest BugBox We've Ever Seen

It's beautiful, but is it $27,000 beautiful?
It's beautiful, but is it $27,000 beautiful?

We have to give this eBay seller credit. Based on the photos and the description, this is indeed the nicest BugBox we’ve encountered. The workmanship is as thorough and complete as anything we’ve seen. But the bidding is up to $27,000… and the reserve has not yet been met.

We're assuming the girl isn't included... although for that price, she should be.
We're assuming the girl isn't included… although for that price, she should be.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love the BugBoxen. They’re beautiful little creations with a wonderful nostalgic flair to them. But this one’s pricing does seem a bit… astronomical. We’re keeping an eye on the auction to see if it does finally sell, and for what price.
Our issue with paying such a high price for these little vans is this: they’re amazingly simple. There is very little to these vehicles, so the process of restoring one is not a complex ordeal. Parts are plentiful, and have been reproduced for years. The upholstery does not require anything ornate or intricate. They are a basic, simple, attractive vehicle.
So why, then, would someone pay upwards of $27,000 for one? Buy one in worse shape and spend your weekends working on it. This is what my father did when I was three; he bought one that was covered in surface rust. He then sanded the whole van down, and repainted it with rattle-cans. Add a bit of camping equipment in the back, and call it done; we kids had more fun in that little van than should be allowed by law, and it barely cost a fraction of that price.
What say you, Hoonigans? Am I just being crotchety before my time? Am I neglecting to see the value of a classic? Or is this price well outside the realm of sanity?
Source: [eBay; There’s a really annoying “welcome” speech by the seller. Sorry about that.]

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  3. dan Avatar

    Split window VW buses (which is what this is) as well as early Beetles were gaining value faster than just about any collectible car. I am not sure if this one will go for that much much a friend sold his restored 21 window rag top for about thirty five thousand dollars. This was a few years back before the economic trouble and was a much more collectible model than this.

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