Need a motorsport-themed holiday gift for a wealthy friend? Here’s some $4k wall art

You’ve got money BURNING holes in all your pockets. That’s why you’re here. We want to help you spend it. And I think I know just what you can get. Have you heard of art? It’s something pretty or thought provoking that you hang on your wall. I found a good example of the art and a way for you to say goodbye to that dumb, stupid money in your bank account (or stuffed under your mattress). Go to and order up a scale version of an Ayrton Senna race car body. Be sure to get the helmet that goes with it too. The cost to do so? $3,890. Basically free.

Jokes aside, it is lovely. The body shell sits at 1:4 scale compared to the real car so you could find room for it, if you had the means and desire to purchase one. You don’t need to buy the helmet and car together, either. If you just wanted a car, those run $2,900. The helmet is $1,290. That nearly $4k price is for both purchased together. And honestly, the car without the helmet is a better buy since you can find similar helmets for less. The ones offered here just happen to be limited pieces tied to the cars.

These are hand-built pieces that can be shipped around the world. Maranello Design also does similar treatments for other iconic drivers and liveries. So if you do actually have money that you’d like to set free, these are pretty cool. But otherwise, we’ll view them through the eyes of cool art for well-heeled motorsports fans. I’m not currently clearing space on my wall to hang one next to broken car parts or my actually useful and more expensive mountain bike.


  1. “The body shell shits at 1:4 scale compared to the real car…”

    I mean, I like crappy cars and all, but this degree of realism seems excessive for wall art.

  2. Now I wonder whether there’s a good-quality .stl out there that I could use to print my own (admittedly much-smaller) version of something like this…but a big part of the appeal is the famous liveries, and I don’t have that skill or patience with a paintbrush.

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