Our 2016.5 Mazda CX-5 is creeping up on 70,000 miles. We owe a fair bit less than $10k on it. It still has a little bit of value and a ton of life. It’s about that time to consider shuffling it off for something new, or making the decision to keep it for another ten years. My wife is doing well at her job. I’ve taken on some new work that’s paying a steady share. Perhaps it’s time for a change?

On my wife’s short list is… well, it’s a very short list. She loves the Acura RDX. She’s never driven one. But the exterior styling, size, and upgraded amenities appeal to her. And I have to say she’s made a decent choice here. I recently went for a lap around Road America in an Acura RDX. Now, to be fair, Juan Pablo Montoya was at the wheel, but the vehicle itself still blew me away at just how capable it really was. JPM was one handing it through some corners will getting the Super-Handling All-Wheel-Drive system to live up to its name. We’re talking a bit of oversteer and plenty of available power at corner exit.

My wife will not drive the RDX that way. But I’d be happy knowing I could hop into the left seat and not be bored. I don’t get bored with the Mazda either, mind you. The CX-5 delivers crisp handling, probably the best in its segment really.

But what’s next?

We don’t need a crossover. My wife would consider a sedan. But it’s the RDX that has first grabbed her attention. We can’t lease, because she puts a fair bit of miles on her vehicle. And she does need space to shuttle around the occasional co-worker or visiting doctor.

The RDX sits, as I’d spec it, just outside the top of our price range. We don’t need the A-Spec package, but I would certainly prefer SH-AWD. Living in California means we don’t need the all-weather aspects of the system, but it’s a fantastic setup in terms of driver enjoyment.

I don’t have a budget in place for this yet. This is merely the beginning of a much more involved conversation. If you were in a similar place, which direction would you be thinking for your next car?

And yes, my ideal answer here is ’68 Charger… but this isn’t my car. It’s my wife’s and she drives it everyday.