NASCAR Truck Thursday

Hey my fellow Hoons, I am sneaking this post in underafter the wire but, crap, I spent all day out at the track so I’m gonna do it anyway. Besides, the Man In Charge Is Going Out Of Town Anyway.

Luckily, this olelongrooffan had no contact with the residents of this Mobile Command facility but I was able to see some relatively cool stuff this Truck Thursday out at The World Center of Racing.

One of the first things I did spot, in the infield, was this semi mega truck that moves the UPS golf truck around the country.

And for Truck Thursday, why not include a trucking company sponsored NASTRUCK?

As I was leaving the track, after the Gatorade Duels, I spotted this Silverado heading out for their qualifying session.

But I was able to catch this image after one of the earlier Duel races. I seem to spend alot of time in its sponsor’s retail establishments these days.

And, remember my fellow Hoons, it’s not just racing this olelongrooffan enjoys.

Seriously, I cannot believe the Powers That Be do not lock the doors of their Pace Cars.

This olelongrooffan did note, however, that they do remove the keys!!!

And, again, just for those of my fellow Hoons who spend alot of time outdoors, this image is included. I guess Johnny Morris and his bunch are doing rather well these days. They sponsor a race vehicle in every NASCAR series.

Max Papis, a former open wheel racer, seems to have come full circle and is getting some seat time in this racetruck.

Does anyone else, besides Amber and this olelongrooffan, recognize the Volkswagen like camber of these wheels?

And just a general image down Truck Row during the Winter Speed Weeks down in Daytona Beach during February, 2011.

Incidentally, this is the same location, with the same accommodations, the Grand-Am series cars garage during the July NASCAR races.

And yes, my fellow country music loving Hoons, It Is An International Harvester!!

Finally to satisfy the curiosity of a couple of my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan attempted to get an image or two of the studs for those

NASCAR lugnuts to see how the threaded on the lug bolts without cross threading. Please note, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan will get an image of the adhesive used before this week is out.

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  1. FЯeeMan Avatar

    A "Toyota" truck sponsored by International Harvester? Weird, but somehow probably the most appropriate brand for IH to sponsor.

    1. ptschett Avatar

      Technically the most appropriate NASCAR-participating brand for International Harvester to sponsor is a Dodge. The IH name belongs to the Case IH brand of CNH, which belongs to Fiat Industrial; and of course Dodge belongs to Chrysler which is partly owned by Fiat Auto. Sometimes the F1 Ferraris have Case IH sponsorship (usually at the Canadian GP.)
      International Trucks used to sponsor Fords, since they worked together on the Super Duty's diesel engine till their recent unpleasantness; but I'm not shocked to see them on a Toyota now.

  2. smokyburnout Avatar

    [youtube ICi3kIzSIZg youtube]
    You know you thought about it!

  3. lilwillie Avatar

    Mmmmm, trucks on Thursday.
    Here is the Monkey Cum they put on the lug nuts. At least the last time I heard or saw them explain it.

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