Name That Part: Ridiculously Challenging Edition

A car and driver made out of left-over bits and scraps. Sounds a bit like Car & Driver magazine, doesn't it? Oooh.
Artwork made out of left-over bits and scraps. Sounds a bit like Hooniverse, doesn't it?

Actually, I’m just kidding. This isn’t really Name That Part, because that would just be cruel. Instead, we’re showing you some tremendously cool artwork that our Manic King sent in. Australian Artist James Corbett creates these weird and wonderful pieces out of scrap parts he carefully selects, cleans, and welds together.
There doesn’t seem to be any discernible theme to them, but each is uniquely beautiful in quite a strange way. I’m afraid to look at them much closer, as I know I could easily get sucked in to playing the game of trying to identify each part, and wake up 18 hours later wondering where the time went. Kind of like Vegas, but much, much less cool.
[Source: The Telegraph, via an awesome tip from Manic_King]


  1. That lead/7th pic looks all the world like a Morgan SS.
    Can’t place the other two yet.
    As JJ says, all kinds of awesome here…

    1. I’m thinking the 5th pic/racing-car-3 is a Duesie J-racer.
      The 4th pic/racing-car-2 looks frah-gilly…must be Italian. Alfa?

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