Name That Car: Blame engineerd Edition

The engineerd Mystery Car. No cheating, now!

As we all know, engineerd was at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit with UDMan last week. Because he’s a bit of a bastard, he decided to take a few ultra-close photos of tiny little details that should define a vehicle for people who know them.
Unfortunately, he’s taking photos of concept cars that aren’t in production yet! Oh noes! Yeah, suck it up, it shouldn’t be that hard if you know Dustin. Now go! Identify the vehicle, right down to the option package and tire brand.


      1. IIRC, this one still had the 5.4L motor, but it's hard to tell. I don't think there are any obvious external clues and nobody was around to tell me.
        Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

        1. No external clues, at least on the TT and PP prototypes. Main difference is the sound. Three tons of truck and driver do an excellent job of absorbing that extra hundred horsepower. I think if I were going to buy one of these for my own, I'd be plenty happy with the 5.4.

  1. I'm not a bastard. See…within minutes the car was identified. Plus, I know who my dad is.
    /Wanders off mumbling, "These kids are good. I need to step up my game."

    1. Welcome to my world. I've thrown out some Name That Parts, thinking, "This should take them a while." Then they've solved it within a minute. Bastards.

      1. Yeah, I amazed even myself by being such a dick that I identified that Borg Warner Overdrive cable t-handle, immediately. I saw one in a Packard.
        You should have been answering the submission line when I sent the Ruby Mystery Engine shots to Schmo. That was a stumper.

  2. There was one sitting in the back of Ford's expansive booth — seriously, that place was bigger than my house. Of course, I was immediately drawn to it and, since it was out of the way, proceeded to do naughty things to it.
    Wait…come back! Did I say too much?

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