Mystery Car

Mystery Car
Mystery Car

Time to put on your thinking caps and see if you can tell from this photo, the make and model of car. For extra points and giggles- what engine does it have? You’ve got quite a bit to go on- you can tell that it’s red – in fact shockingly so. Also, it has windows and some sort of tires. Heck, you’re half-way there!
The answer will be revealed in a later post. Or maybe in the comments below.  No looking at your neighbor’s paper now!


  1. You got the car, I got the motor. If I remember this is 98 hp Ford 4 banger from a Sierra not sure about the displacement.. Man I hope I’m right about that.

  2. Whatever it is, they enjoy setting up shop on golf courses.
    “Alright honey, let’s set up camp on #17 right by the water. We should be able to fog-horn most tee-offs from that vantage point. Get out my folding chair and for the love of god make sure the beer’s cold. I’ll give you another black eye if you don’t make sure to lock the [redacted]!”

  3. I did not know of this car. Now I do. It is damn sexy, and the first of DeTomaso’s road cars. Only 53 were built, meaning the chances of seeing one are pretty damn rare. I want to see one.
    OK, I need to go find more information about this car!

  4. Nummer_Sechs, you are quick.
    The engine is a twin-Webered Cortina 1500 engine with 105 hp or optional 135 hp.

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