Mystery Car – Weekend Edition

This is presented without comment, because the more we clues we give you the easier it is to guess, so it seems.  Actually, I will say this, it is NOT a TVR, though it could be an NSX with distasteful plastic bits…oh wait, the horsepowers are in the wrong place.  I won’t even edit or obscure bits of the photo, have at it Hoons!


  1. I was able to identify it with about 10% engine examination, and 90% google-fu.
    First I noticed that the engine is in there sideways, and it's got a ridiculously large charge air cooler. Then I noticed the four little pipes on the engine, arrayed about like spark plug wires should be; between these two things it's clearly not a gas engine, but instead an I-4 turbodiesel.
    So armed with that knowledge, I started googling things like obscure sports car makers, diesel sports cars, etc. That eventually got me a name to try: Etox Zafer. This link is their website (warning: annoying music), and the original image seems to be on this page.

    1. I caught the transverse turbodiesel part but got sidetracked Googling diesel kit cars. Also I had convinced myself the engine was from an Opel, it's a Renault.

    2. Great find and nice website. I'm especially enjoying the Turklish translation. The low reading on the voltmeter in the photo album is a bit disconcerting.
      Top Gear needs to get their hands on one of these. From the photos, I'd say there are at least three of them.

    3. good god man, I bet I could commission a professional design artist to sketch up a car I have imagined in my head that I have never told anyone about and somehow one of yous would come up with the model and manufacturer. Nicely done!
      The thing I find most interesting about this car (aside from the fact that it looks like a TVR/370z with a dash of CTS mixed in) is the baffling assortment of engines available:

      1. It reads like a list of engines they found in the local junkyard.
        A BMW inline six in a transverse front-drive car?

  2. Turkey! Um…home country of that….thing. Sporty looking car which has 0-62 mph time of 13 sec. and power from125 hp Renault diesel + questionable build quality? Thanks but no thanks.

  3. At first I thought it was some misconceived engine swap/horrid bodykit combo. But alas it is just a prototype (albeit still misconceived).
    I like this statement from their FAQs page:
    "Is engine power adequate for sports car?
    Our car is currently prototype,when beng moved to mass production,it will be produced with motor power according to the appropriate segment of it."

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