Mystery Car: Bonus Edition

IMAG4229 As a warm up exercise for Mr Emslie’s main event on Friday, let’s go with an early Mystery Car Bonus edition today. Difficulty wise, well, you either know it or you don’t. If anybody participates, I’ll throw the answer up right here tomorrow lunchtime. Clues? There’s only one. What day is it? IMAG4240b Oh, OK, here’s a wider shot, the first image was a bit cruel. You’re on your own now. Don’t go leaping to any conclusions. (Edit 06:25 Tuesday Morning) So you got it already. I didn’t even have to give you this wider version of the above shot with a nice little clue on the dashboard, in warning sticker form: IMAG4240 Yes, Amphicar. Well done indeed. Good license plate, too. IMAG4235 (Images Chris Haining / Hooniverse 2016)

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