Mystery Car

mystery_car_25_07_14 On this date in 1832 the first-ever railroad accident was recorded. The Granite Railway near Quincy Mass, had invited spectators to view the prowess of a steam locomotive in the transport of large and heavy cargo. When returning from the event, a cable on the viewing platform car snapped, throwing four off of it and down a 34-foot cliff. One man died, and the three others were all seriously injured. No worries about anything like that happening to you while viewing this week’s Mystery Car. Of course, you should concern yourself with meeting all the criteria for the win, which as you know means providing the make, model, likely engine, and year-range for the above pictured ride. You better hurry up though, the train’s leaving the station! Image ©2014 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved  

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