Mystery Car

This week’s Mystery Car comes once again from my friend Peter Ciani. His frustration with your ability to correctly identify his mysterious vehicles is kind of annoying him in an amusing way. This week he sent me several choices of cars to pick. I decided to keep things simple but interesting. Good luck. Same rules as always, make and model. The winner gets the much coveted title of being the The Person of the Moment!!
Speaking of the The Person of the Moment, last week’s Mystery Car winner is once again mdharrell. Motherf***er. Not only did he correctly identify the car, he posted a picture of the exact same vehicle that was the mystery car. Tell me, dear readers, how does one not find this annoying in an amusing way?
Congrats, mdharrell, you are once again… The Person of the Moment!!


    1. It took a special set of designers to ignore or perhaps actively work against the need to include a vinyl roof option!

    2. I think the Ford’s trim came together more smoothly than that. And, the model script is almost in the picture (Ford didn’t put script on the C pillar). From the looks of the name, the third or fourth letter may be “y”, “g”, “p”, or some other letter with a descender below the baseline. I’d say early/mid 70s is a good call, though. Looks more GM-ish to me, like maybe a ’74 Caprice.

  1. This one is going to kill me. I recognize it but can’t say what it is.
    Not a Torino, not a Caprice or Impala (although that is very close) and not a Grand Marquis.
    Definately early 70s American.
    My first thought was Hornet 4 door, Nope. Nor Matador or Ambassador.
    Maverick? Nova? Nope.
    Colonnade Cutlass? Nope.
    Downsized Cutlass? Nope.
    Maybe the full size Olds or Buick instead of the Chevy? Very close, but not quite.
    Ok, my guess is 70-72 GM intermediate (LeMans, Cutlass, Skylark, Malibu) 4 door post. I’m not sure any of them had a script on the C pillar, though.

    1. My first thought for the 60-second win was AMC Hornet as well. I recognized it as well. I quit after three hours. I could not feel more useless…

    1. Ooooh, that’s much closer than my guess. You’ve got to be in the ballpark.
      Torino seemed likely until I really saw the window frame in the picture and recalled that they had hardtop-style frameless windows that year.

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