Mystery Car!

Welcome to another edition of the Mystery Car. A friend of mine purchased a striking car a few months ago, with extremely low mileage, and needing very little work except for some rust that developed around the roof line. when taking care of the rust, he discovered that the car was modified by a subcontractor to the big three. The company was quite famous for producing limited editions of existing production vehicles, but I am not going to give you a clue as to whom that might be. So, can you identify this “altered” car by make, and model year? Make me proud…..


        I knew it because I see a brown one pretty regularly on the way to and from work. It used to wear Colorado plates, and now it has Texas plates. I dig the LS, and I've always liked Caprices, because they're uppity (a luxurious Chevrolet?) as Chevrolets go.
        And I voted you up again.

      1. The car in that picture is wearing a set of Uniroyal Royal Seal tires. Remember those? They were self-sealing tires.

    1. One of these days, the mystery car has to be an NSX. Ideally shot from such an odd angle that nobody gets it.

  1. Here's the bonus round…
    Q1: Is this merely an LS or an LS Brougham?
    Q2: Who was the subcontractor?
    No, I do not know the answer to these questions.

    1. Hmmmm… Since it doesn't have the "LS" lettering in the opera window, I'd say it's an '86 model, and just a "Brougham", and not a "Brougham LS". The Brougham LS came out for '87 (according to Wikipedia). An LS has the regular roof, without the shell, extended window, and vinyl half roof.

  2. Chrysler New Yorker 5th Avenue. man its nothing like the old 50’s New Yorker’s at first I though it was an Imperial LeBaron but it dont have rear quarter glass.

    1. I see one of these driving around my area pretty frequently. I want to give the owner a thumbs up but I wonder if he would realize I think his car is cool or would think I'm just a weirdo.

  3. Did your dad's have the designed-for-the-Chevette THM200 automatic? A lot of the 250 I6 and 305 V8 cars had them. Very bad idea. My mom's '78 Malibu had one, until it crapped out and was swapped several years later for a rebuilt THM350 (which required relocating the transmission crossmember, along with a new mount, a new driveshaft, and adding a vacuum line for the modulator, carb throttle linkage bracket and kickdown cable). The THM200 generated a Federal class-action lawsuit, which netted my mom something like $100.

    1. Oh god, the Metric 200. Oddly, I had the only good one ever built in a 78 Grand Prix SJ. That trans outlasted the 301. Which is a lot like saying Babe Ruth won the T-ball championship.
      /I rescue-ruined that car with the first engine and trans I ever built, a Pontiac 400/TH400 combo. Much teen fun was had.

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