Mystery Car

Today we say goodbye to another July and hello to yet another Mystery Car contest, our Friday time waster that let’s you flex your car-identifying mental muscle. Regardless of the month, you can count on it to give you something to do other than work on the eve of your weekend. Also as always, make and model if you please.
Image: ©2015 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved


  1. Oh-oh-oh I know! I’m not gonna answer since I’m “staff” but it’s closely related to my car.

    1. I’m actually thinking it is the LCI. It has a few features that aren’t on my pre-LCI.

        1. You could still get the LCIs with halogens and they had that angel eye along with the silver accent thing running along the top. The whole structure of it looks similar to me.

          1. The bulb doesn’t match and the creases on the secondary headlamp have a different shape. But, it might be a variation depending on the market US vs. Europe. Plus the LCI has the rings even on the halogen versions.

  2. That looks an awful lot like the headlamps on my family’s Nissan Versa (C11, 2004-2012)

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