Mystery Car

On this date in 1925 the Scopes “Monkey Trial” first entered into session. That Tennessee court battle put the teaching of evolution on trial and turned the courthouse exterior into a circus with formally attired chimpanzees on display and vendors hawking everything from hot dogs to bibles. The trial became one of history’s most famous and ended up in defeat for both the defendant Scopes and prosecuting attorney William Jennings Bryan who was made the object of ridicule by defending attorney Clarence Darrow. Bryan would die in his sleep less than a week later.
We’re not monkeying around today, but you’ll still face a trial by obfuscation as you try and identify the above vehicle by one closely-cropped image. How long will the jury by out? It’s hard to say, but when you do reach your verdict, please be sure to include both make and model.
Image: ©2015 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved


      1. DB4GT according to the web… No bonnet scoop and different grill to below. No aficionado myself. And I see I’ve been beaten to the punch… Missed ‘Zagato’.

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