Mystery Car

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the U.S. of A. and that means flags and fireworks and hopefully beer and BBQ. Before we get to all the rockets red glare, it’s your duty – patriotic or otherwise – to try and solve this week’s Mystery Car. Make and model if you please.
Image: ©2015 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved


  1. I want to say it’s some kind of English Ford, but it’s not an Anglia or Prefect.

      1. Well, he might be wrong, but that’s what immediately popped into my brain, as well.

  2. Or not a Mercedes Benz
    A ’66 -’79 Hillman Hunter four door sedan or one of the equivalent Rootes Group ‘Arrow’ range. So, a Hillman Minx or Hunter, Humber Sceptre , Singer or Sunbeam Vogue or their Chrysler badged versions with the 1500cc or 1725cc iron fours or perhaps one of the later Iranian Paykans (1966 -2005) some of which came with Peugeot motors .
    Like these ’72 Hunter GLS s
    Paykans in Teheran

    1. i used to have one of those (the Hillman, not the Aston…….), fun but shortlived, my sister gave it to me when she got sick of it breaking down , i drove it until the brakes eventually failed then gave it away to someone who could be bothered fixing them. from memory he drove it til he got sick of it breaking down and just left it parked on the side of the road
      it had possibly the worst retreads in the world on it. they were originally dunlops that were worn out somewhere in europeshire and then sent to Turkey to be retreaded and then somehow made it all the way to Australia. what they gained in exoticness they lost in grip

      1. And I learned to drive in one.(Though it was the wagon.)
        And when my brother wrote it off, we bought another one to replace it. They’re like slightly better Mk2 Cortinas, specially the Todd assembled NZ variants. One of my near neighbours still has two.

  3. Hillman Hunter was a good find, but not exact. It is a Sunbeam Sceptre. Which can be seen at the langer bumper.

      1. Sorry, I missed that. I was so glad I knew one too. I am still waiting for de solution of June 19.

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