Mystery Car


Back in the day a popular mystery was the Bermuda Triangle, a geometrically defined region of the Atlantic where planes, ships, and U.S. tax revenues disappeared. These had been attributed – by foil hat wearers at least – to paranormal activity or perhaps aliens, but of course much of the mysterious disappearances ended with the advent of GPS.

More likely to be solved by the collective knowledge base of the Hooniverse than geosynchronous satellites, today’s Mystery Car will hopefully draw you in without malicious result. Of course that’s only if you abide by the rules- make, model, likely engine and year range being required to escape, win. If you’re ready to jump in, remember to tell someone where you will be. You know, just in case.

Image source: ©2013 Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved


    1. Nope, I think they all had chromed grille bars (as did the Borgwards, apparently).

    1. It's not a Vedette either, and whoa did a lot of lingerie show-up in google when checked, crap.

        1. Yeah, it could be, but I'm not going to try googling that again from work.

          1. Make sure you don't spell Willys willies. Who knows what you'll get with that search.

  1. 1954 Ford Comete Facel
    <img src="; width="600">
    The Ford Comète (also the Simca Comète) was a car built between 1951 and 1954 in France by the Ford Motor Company's French subsidiary, Ford SAF. Intended as the luxury model in the range, the Comète's bodywork was built by FACEL, who later produced the better-known Facel Vega luxury cars under their own name. The original engine was a 2.2 L V8 produced by Ford SAF of French design, also used in the Ford Vedette, and a Pont-à-Mousson 4-speed manual transmission was used.

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