Mystery Car


With meteors crashing to Earth, a maniac former cop showdown in Southern California, and the confirmation that jet-propelled squid have now taken to the air, it’s been a rock ’em sock ’em week. Considering all that’s gone down in the past seven days, it’s nice to be able to take a moment to stop and smell the roses, or at the very least, solve the weekly Mystery Car.

So, get yourself a cup of chamomile tea, don a comfy sweater, and put on your thinking cap, so you can enjoy the soul enriching contest that is the weekly Mystery Car. Not to harsh your mellow, but to achieve Mystery Car nirvana, you will need to come up with the make, model, year or range, and likely engine under it’s mysterious hood. And remember – deep cleansing breaths.

Image source: [©2013 Jeff Glucker, All Rights Reserved] 



  1. I can't hazard a guess beyond it's a compact SUV from China, South America, India or a former Soviet bloc country.
    …Probably some sort of prototype or concept car modernization of a UAZ or Mahindra.
    [EDIT: Couldn't have been more wrong…]

      1. I give partial credit to LTDScott, whose post made me think "maybe there was some sort of rejected XM prototype" that lead me down the path that found this.

  2. Shit. I spent hours looking for what I thought was an enormous, bizarre wraparound sidelight. Oops…just a reflection.

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