Morning Qualifying – Citroen SM, I presume? edition

A French car, with an Italian engine, in the African Jungle…..colonialism's finest hour?

In the 1972 Rallye Cote d’Ivoire (aka Rallye Bandama), 45 entrants, crewed by some of the sport’s biggest names, went into the West African jungle, and none left it.  No one finished.  So, if you’re Citroen the obvious thing to do for the 1973 rally, is send a pair Citroen SM’s into the jungle. Perhaps Mr. Kurtz could find one and Dr. Livingston the other.

Of course, anybody who knows their rally history will tell you Citroen’s are tough old birds. And the SM prototypes were no different, finishing 6th and 7th respectively.  Which doesn’t sound that impressive, until you consider that only 8 of the 59 entrants finished the 1973 rally.
[photo source]

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  1. acarr260 Avatar

    "No one finished."
    I've been on pub crawls like that…

  2. muthalovin Avatar

    Not the first time the French have not been able to get out of the jungle.
    Have I mentioned lately how much I love rally jump shots?! So cool.

    1. dwegmull Avatar

      I see your jumping SM and raise you a "flying" DS:
      [youtube qkWyNc23GEE&feature=related youtube]

    2. PowerTryp Avatar

      Agreed. I was just thinking last night that a rally jump shot should be a standard part of Morning Qualifying no matter the subject.

  3. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Bless your little black heart of darkness, Jennings R..

  4. Maxichamp Avatar

    A 2011 Ivory Coast Rally would probably net the same number of finishers.

  5. texlenin Avatar

    As one whom has driven an SM,(albeit several runs around a White Rock Lake neighborhood),
    I'm surprised any made it. The shifter "barrel" is twitchy and seemingly fragile and hard to slot
    without years of practice, the steering wheel is angled and very close to the tender knees..
    And that damnable way-far-away, yet tender like a sunburn brake mushroom!
    That being said, I have an unconscionable love for the marque and this model in particular.
    I'll take a dozen!!!

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