More tea, Vicar? – 1962 Rover P4 100 Saloon


This acquaintance was one of the quicker ones, even if the car is one of the slower ones. The 1962 Rover P4 100 you see here belongs to a fellow auto enthusiast from the region, Pertti. He also drives a ’90s Cadillac Seville, and the Rover serves as a summertime car.

Pertti let me take a quick look at the Rover, which in turn had let out a little bit of coolant on the asphalt. Such are 50-year-old cars.


The Viking atop the grille is one of my favorite automotive decorations. The car also bears a bunch of car club emblems.


The interior is a special place to be. You sit upright, there’s a smell of.. old England in there, the steering wheel is finger-thin and the ambience is really something. The radio is a period-correct, Finnish Salora unit, and the car is originally a Finnish-registered vehicle. It also used to belong to a priest or a vicar, which totally fits the picture. My Reebok sneakers do not.


The leather has patinated beautifully. Pertti says he should fix the wood on the dashboard a little, and is considering at least a partial repaint for the bodywork, but the Rover looks fine as it is. The clock had stopped sometime in the past.


The engine in the Rover 100 is a 2.6-litre straight six, with 83 bhp. It was claimed to be able to reach 100mph.


The slight coolant leak will be fixed in good time, says Pertti. He’s also considering selling the Rover, but that’s not a pressing matter. He says he’d take 6000 for it, which for a nice, straight 1962 Rover in working condition is a fair price in my opinion. I was instantly charmed by the motor car, and it would be just the best thing for weekend motoring around the region.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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9 responses to “More tea, Vicar? – 1962 Rover P4 100 Saloon”

  1. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    The poor thing, that's not a leak. Like all faithful old English cars, it's just marking it's territory.

    1. Van_Sarockin Avatar

      I'm sure that's just a random fluid stain. Totally unrelated. Maybe the remains of the afternoon cuppa. The Rover just naturally gravitated to that spot to help give it some privacy and peer support.

  2. Fleetwoodie Avatar

    Good article on a car I've never heard of. Thanks for not writing in the first person. 🙂

  3. dukeisduke Avatar

    What's the turquoise car in the background (parked against the building)? An old Taunus, or some kind of Opel?

    1. julkinen Avatar

      Opel Kapitän if memory serves.

    2. Van_Sarockin Avatar

      He'll, what's that abysmal convertible? I've seen starving horses that looked better.

  4. Robert knowles Avatar
    Robert knowles

    I grew up with these cars, Rover 50, 75, 95 and then the 100. Great car, reserve petrol switch . My mom could never see over the top and would always drive in 3rd, actually it could pull in 3rd . Ours was a right hand drive and they were very popular in the islands. What a wonderful tank like car. Thanks for the foto

  5. Robert knowles Avatar
    Robert knowles

    Also, remember as a kid being with my,parents, picking a new one up on the docks of Southampton, UK, and then dad driving it off , a brand spanking new Rover . That way so cool as a kid.

  6. Timo Saarikko Avatar
    Timo Saarikko

    Hyvin säilynyt, omistin kyseisen auton 80-90 luvun taitteessa.
    Timo S.

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