Monday MOPAR Marvels


At that car show this olelongrooffan attended a coupla weeks ago, I spotted several cars of the MOPAR persuasion and grabbed some images of the more interesting ones, well at least to this olelongrooffan anyways. Feel free to make the jump to see what cool MOPAR stuff I spotted besides this tricked up Savoy.


This 1964 Belvedere looked relatively pedestrian aside from the width of those rear shoes. I mean I could see this being Ward Cleaver’s daily driver while June had the longroof version of it back in the day. (Who are they? I can hear my fellow Hoons wondering.)


But once this olelongrooffan got out front, it was a whole ‘nother story right then and there. This was no slant 6 possessing coupe.


No, there was a whole lot of 426 madness under the hood of that sweet *ss ride. Certainly Hoonilicious if I do say so myself.


This image is included only because of the AAR Cuda on the far right hand side. Yeah, it was a pretty burgundy, almost brown, color with the identifying AAR strip down the side. Why is this included?


Because 340 with a six barrel and featuring a shaker as well. Very nice indeed.


This mid 60’s Newport ragtop was on sale for a mere $6,500.00. And yes, that is resale red in color.


But the one I liked best was this Sport Fury. Understated elegance and it just oozed class. I’m pretty sure Miss Jane had one of these in the Beverly Hillbillies back in the day.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan 


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