Modern Art Monday: The lines and creases of the Audi A3

Audi A3

This series originally kicked off with a look at interesting design features of modern cars, and that’s where it’s returning to this morning. Last week I had the pleasure of driving the all-new Audi A3 sedan up in Northern California, and my review of that vehicle will be landing soon. One thing I was struck by, however, was the design description of the car by its own stylist Dany Garand.

Listening to an engineer is interesting, but listening to a designer can be quite the experience. His or her passion comes through, and can be then seen in the real-life shape of the machine before you. 

dany garand

Garand describes the rear lower lines kicking up towards the back in order to mimic the powerful stance of a big wave surfer. Power comes from the lower rear in life and he wanted to put that forth in the look of the A3. He also describes his efforts to create visual interest with shadow and light, which he’s done by adding the unique lower door line and the strong shoulder line.

Once you hear him speak of these (and many other) styling bits, the car becomes far more interesting than just a compact luxury sedan. My eyes become more drawn to the top of the wheel wheels, the lower rear of the back doors, and the swept portions below the headlamps.

When you see an Audi A3 in person, take a moment to examine a few of these spots and see if the car becomes just a bit more interesting to you as well.

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