Modern Art Monday: Everything at the Classic Motorsports Mitty

It’s a known fact that vintage racing is some of the prettiest racing on earth. The highly advanced and technical race cars of the modern era are spectacular in their own way, but nothing can compare to the spectacle of historic race cars reliving the good ole days with some friendly competition. One such event is the Classic Motorsports Mitty organized by Historic Sportscar Racing and held at the beautiful/fun/terrifying Road Atlanta.
I’ve been going for three years now and I can honestly say it never disappoints. Even compared to the ridiculously valuable grid at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca during Monterey Car Week, the cars that show up to The Mitty still . The racing is close yet friendly and the cars are all special but don’t live in museums on other days of the year. Most people are there to share in the passion of classic cars and motorsports with their fellow enthusiasts rather than show off their wealth. It’s a different kind of vintage race than what most people typically hear about, but it’s a wonderful way to spend a weekend regardless.
But less words and more cars. Here are about 40 shots of some of the best cars in attendance, starting with what was in the parking lot, then the paddock, and finally on track. Enjoy.
[All images © 2016 Hooniverse/Greg Kachadurian. For more of my hilarious attempts at motorsports photography, see my Flickr.]

From the Parking Lot


Two very different classics. A pristine Ford Fairlane 500 and a [presumably] unfinished BMW 2002 restoration.


Maybe not the best picture to prove it, but that’s a real Audi RS4 Avant. In Georgia. The owner only knows of a few others like it in the states. It’s just another wagon to the untrained eye, but there’s a powerful Cosworth-tuned and aftermarket modified V6 in this one which may have allegedly embarrassed some Porsches in its home state.


This classic Mini looks right at home here. Plenty of people were camping out at the track but this guy perhaps did it best.


It’s not Two Wheel Tuesday yet but this gorgeous Ducati doesn’t need to wait. They used to race motorcycles at The Mitty actually.


One of these things is not like the others.


Citroën Visa GTi, another car that you don’t see every day around here


This car will never get old. It’s no longer the fastest car to come from America and there’s already a new version coming very soon, but nothing will ever win my heart the same way the 2005-06 Ford GT did.

From the Paddock


The 1969 is my favorite year for the Camaro. These two fine examples reminded me why.


This Group 44 Jaguar XJR-7 is a regular here. V12 power and IMSA GTP bodywork is an awesome combo.


“Can I come out now? You guys better not be racing without me…”


Three gorgeous Superformance GT40s under one tent. This one was the prettiest.


I was really hoping to see this on track, but it sat in the hauler all day. These little things are awesome.


Speaking of awesome little things…


I heard these things were pretty radical.


Yo dawg, I heard you like wings.


No words. Just drool.



On Track


“Ay. Which way to the track?”


The start of the first race. It’s not often that the pace car has more power than the rest of the field.


Al Unser Jr. was the Grand Marshal for the race and Ford was the featured brand. Before they gathered every Ford or Ford-powered car in attendance for a race, Al was driven around at a considerable pace in this beauty.


Not pictured: the other half of the grid. Prototypes, open-wheel, Trans-Am, NASCAR, and plenty of other types were all brought on track at once.


They were all gorgeous and made nice noises.


And occasionally shot flames.


Next up was the Can-Am group. These Lola T70s walked away from everyone else.


Those other two Superformance GT40s on a parade lap after the race. They were driven well but were a bit outclassed by some of the other machines.


… mainly these ones.


The modern-era formula race went by way too quick. This Benetton B198 was the fastest thing on track all day and one of the hardest to photograph (this was on the cool down lap).


This Lotus 81 did chrome liveries before it was cool.


This Ford Escort RS was deceptively fast.


The “Hippie” Porsche 917 minus 3.


This field of 1960-90 spots cars was one of the most exciting races to watch. Other than it being a huge field, many of them were pretty evenly matched. Lots of passing going on here.

DSCN8139_lzn DSCN8151_lzn DSCN8156_lznDSCN8214_lzn

Moving on to more modern GT cars, it was a mostly Porsche event. That made it one of the only places where two 911 RSRs from over a decade apart can still have a close race.


The prototypes were up next. This Mazda Kudzu DG3 and its three-rotor engine was the loudest.


Proof that the John Player Special livery looks good on anything. Although it’s odd to see these Coyote DPs in vintage racing already.


This Audi R8 LMP is an interesting one. After Audi was finished with the chassis, someone convinced the team to sell it to them in pieces. It may not have even raced if I heard the story right. But it’s racing now at least and you can’t say that about many other retired Audi LMPs.

That’s all for now. [Un]fortunately, I’ve got dozens more of similar or shittier quality up on my Flickr.

[All images © 2016 Hooniverse/Greg Kachadurian]

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    1. Greg Kachadurian Avatar
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      I thought you’d like that 😛

    2. wunno sev Avatar
      wunno sev

      funny that that’s the one that gets you hnnghing. i’m always torn about whether or not i like 911s, and this picture is swaying me in the total “meh” direction.
      on another day i’d be creaming my banana hammock, so this says more about my and my relationship to the 911 than it does about the picture. i can’t be the only one who feels this ambivalent. for me it’s the Cayman and the 914 in these pictures that’s doing it for me. get me some o’ that!

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    Oh man, that R8 LMP. And the Alfa GT Junior.

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