Modern Art Monday: Bertone bringing British beauty to Geneva

Bertone Aston Martin Rapide

I couldn’t wait until Wagon Wednesday to share this. You all know that I have a hankering for all things longroof. Additionally, I think modern Aston Martin vehicles are things of beauty. Can you combine the two and wind up with something still seductive and lovely? Thanks to the house that Giovanni Bertone built, the answer is a resounding “Puoi giurarci“.

Starting with the Aston Martin Rapide, the crafty coachbuilders at Bertone turned out a sleek and sultry four-passenger that proves wagons can are quite capable of eclipsing sedans stylistically. Bertone is calling this a shooting brake… I’m not going to argue with Gruppo Bertone, but it proves that the term has been watered down to mean any type of wagon. I prefer it to be two (technically three-door) wagons, but I’m getting outvoted by more automakers on a seemingly daily basis. Who cares though, because we’re a few more models away from a wagon renassiance, and this Bertone-bodied beauty can serve as a flagship alongside the Mercedes-Benz CLS “Shooting Brake” and the Ferrari FF.

For a few more angles (you have to see the rear), head over to Autoblog.

[Source: Autoblog]

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20 responses to “Modern Art Monday: Bertone bringing British beauty to Geneva”

  1. pj134 Avatar

    Oh… yes… that'll work… mmhmm…
    It is a shame about the "shooting brake" part of it though. It is a sexy, sexy wagon.

  2. engineerd Avatar

    Is it available for parties? What about a midnight rendezvous in Central Park?

  3. POLAЯ Avatar

    That is gonna rip some leg hair off when it dries…

  4. muthalovin Avatar

    Nice station wagon. Really nice station wagon.

  5. longrooffan Avatar

    Off to buy my PowerBall ticket now.

  6. SSurfer321 Avatar

    In wagon form, I can overlook the new gaping maw.

    1. dr zero Avatar
      dr zero

      And this is only a Bertone. Imagine how big the grill on the Zagato will be.

  7. Alff Avatar

    This is a sincere observation. I don't understand how someone can fall in love with this and despise the Panamera.

    1. Devin Avatar

      The Panamera is too tall and the proportions get all screwed up around the butt.
      The Panamera Sport Turismo concept they showed off a few months ago did fix a lot of the problems though.

    2. engineerd Avatar

      I've never despised the Panamera. I thought the styling, when I first saw internet photos of it, was clunky and weird. However, now that I've seen them in the flesh I would actually consider one if I had the means.

      1. Number_Six Avatar

        I completely respect the machine that is the Panamera and the interior is beautiful, but I can't not think this when I see it:
        <img src="×154-pixels_1310236132622.jpg&quot; />

        1. Alff Avatar

          Thanks. You ruined it for me : ).

  8. CalculatedRisk Avatar

    It seems that shooting brake is now being used to describe cars with a long sleek hood in addition to the wagon rear end. The proportions look rather shooting brake. Who cares what they call it, does it come in BRG?!

  9. Sjalabais Avatar

    That's an interesting successor to the Volvo C30…seriously, cover the front in the lead image and you'll see it. Incredibly cool car though!

  10. craigsu Avatar

    I'm so glad someone went ahead and did this. The template is now made which should make mine much less expensive since the boffins at Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell won't have to start from scratch.

  11. Alcology Avatar

    “Puoi giurarci“ Is that Italian for "I stepped on it."?

  12. nutzforautos Avatar

    That's one goddamn ugly car.

      1. Wolfie Avatar

        The Dude abides.

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