New York Times Sunday: Artist Peter Max and his Corvette Collection.

Corvettes in Storage in Brooklyn – Image by Tony Cenicola – NYT

I was going to run this piece for Modern Art Monday, but this story is so compelling it’s now under New York Times Sunday Edition. Anyway, I have a surprise for Modern Art Monday.
This is a very interesting story by the New York Times author Daniel McDermon, as he described telling how the Corvettes stored in his building were in various states of decay, and then moved. As the author has stated, the cars were the center of a tale of intrigue, outrage, and failed dreams. So read more after the jump:

Peter Max in 2009 – Image by Frank Franklin II – AP

There are 36 Corvettes at the heart of this story, and it all began in 1989, when the fledgling video music channel VH1 needed to break into the big time, and sponsored a contest in which the grand prize was 36 Corvettes, starting with a 1953 model, to include one from each year all the way up to 1989. The contestants had to call a 900 number (1.3 million in all, and they payed a $2 fee!) and one winner was drawn. The winner was a carpenter from Long Island, Dennis Amodeo.
53 Corvette next to a VW painted by Peter Max. Will the Corvettes be painted similar? Photo by Tony Cenicola – NYT

This is the general condition of the Vette Collection – Photo by Tony Cenicola – NYT

Dennis was flown to California where he was presented the cars’ keys by musician Mike Love of the Beach Boys. It was around this time that the artist Peter Max heard about the contest, and invited Mr. Amodeo to the artists studio in Manhattan. A deal was struck, where Max would pay $250,000 in cash, artwork valued at $250,000, as well as a percentage of the proceeds for any future sale, up to $1 million.
Again, according to the author, Max’s original idea was to paint each car in the vivid, often saturated colors he is known for, but a legal battle with the I.R.S. delayed any such notion for the time being. A new plan was drafted in which Max would take the collection up to 50 cars, and the painting of the cars would be a blend of vintage Peter Max, and respect for the Corvette Enthusiast, whatever that is suppose to mean.
The Vettes on the move – Photo by Jenna Stern

It looks like for the time being, the cars are being relocated from their slumber under a Brooklyn apartment building, said to be once the Daily News printing plant, to their new storage facility in Upper Manhattan. If you want to read this fascinating article, click on this link.

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68 responses to “New York Times Sunday: Artist Peter Max and his Corvette Collection.”

  1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    This story has pissed me off for years. But "Peter Max." Heh, hehheh.

    1. lilwillie Avatar

      Same for me. It is confusing to see a guy do this. I've had arguments with "artists" who don't think a car is a work of art but if someone brushes silly paint on it then it is art.

      1. NefariousKunk Avatar

        Anyone that says that is taking themselves too effing seriously. There is no way to say our personal take on it is the answer. To paraphrase an old proverb that deals with religion: we are all blind men touching different parts of an elephant. The guy grabbing on the leg saying they were dealing with a tree and the guy touching the trunk saying they had a giant snake were equally wrong. It is best not to try and confine manifestations of the part of us that struggles to provide context to our existence to a definition.
        "Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including music, literature, film, sculpture, and paintings. The meaning of art is explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics."
        And if aesthetics don't play a part in designing cars, then I will punch my Mom in the face. And she's a super lady.

        1. lilwillie Avatar

          Excellent. Well said.

  2. Joe Dunlap Avatar
    Joe Dunlap

    That thick coating of dust on many of those cars has a distinct smell of 9/11 to it.

    1. engineerd Avatar

      These are 'Vettes, not Porsches.

  3. Straight6er Avatar

    I was reading something the other day on the original run of Corvettes. Apparently they were horrible. Were talking blotchy, bubbling paint, poorly fitted panels, an underpowered engine, and…. No exterior door handles? If both the top and the windows were up, how did one get inside their 'vette?

    1. Straight6er Avatar

      Woops, just read something ELSE that claims the original run didnt even have roll up windows.

    2. P161911 Avatar

      Overall pretty similar to the British sports cars of the day. The first year they only made 300, most of them went to people chosen by GM, celebrities of the day and the bigger dealerships. You had a choice of white with red interior only too. The only real crime was the 2 speed automatic as the only transmission. The Vette has always leaned a little more towards the GT side of sports car. It took them a couple of years before you could get a proper V-8 and a manual transmission. The old Chevy straight 6 actually has higher HP (150) than the Ford flathead V-8s of 1953 (125), and was only 10HP off the much more sophisticated Jag XK straight 6 of 1953.

      1. Straight6er Avatar

        The book I was reading made it sound like they were atrocious. Im far from a Corvette expert though, so thanks for giving me a more complete picture.

  4. Tripl3fast Avatar

    As an artist, Peter Max is a hack. The fact that he has all these cars for a body of work makes me ill. Poor cars. They don't deserve to look like that. Even the BMW art cars were a bit suspect in my mind. Warhol did it much better. And yes, I have an Art degree.

  5. skaycøg Avatar

    When I first read this, I thought Peter Max was going to paint these Corvettes on canvas. No, he is going to actually paint the Corvettes. I think his art is very interesting, but only on canvas. I'm sickened that he wants to screw-up these Corvettes like he did this piano.
    <img src=""&gt;

    1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Surprise! 7301 – 7350
      <img src=""&gt;
      Saw one of these today, I liked it, but it was blocking my view of an RX-8, drat.

    2. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq


    3. $kaycog Avatar

      szm, smz, dod……Ah, I see it now. Do you have to do that poof thing or could you type anything to unstick the reply? Now I remember you saying something about poof when we started this.
      Those Hummers do have a way of blocking the view of lots of things.
      You went waaaay back to find this thread. I do remember it. I wonder if Peter Max has those Corvettes painted yet.
      I hope you have a nice evening since you and Aga made up. A good night's sleep will be nice for you, if she takes her wristwatch off.

    4. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      I have always tried poof with the bang for my comments and poof with a question mark for others. I think anything would work though. This morning has been hectic. I checked my personal email and I had emails that one coach is not going to be there and another likely not either, eek! Hopefully we will have another parent help.
      I did have a good night of sleep and things seem fine at home again. You know we will be having Aga's friend and her baby staying with us starting on Friday? I didn't either, but it was planned for a long time, it's just I'm pretty oblivious to things really. Anyway I did a bunch of cleaning to help Aga, who did a lot too before I got home. That always makes me look good in her eyes.
      I don't want to know anymore about these 'vettes. I think that Peter Max might be a real world troll and does this on purpose, so I won't let myself get upset about this.
      Have a good one,

    5. $kaycog Avatar

      szm, mzs, cia………Good luck with the company this weekend. How old is the baby? Does he/she sleep the night through? That might be an interesting couple of days. Eeew.
      Did you see that tempesjo visited me here this morning on that see engine/not see engine article? That gave me a big smile!
      It has been lightly raining here all morning, and it is badly needed. It messed up my clean car, but I am so glad to see rain that I don't care at all. It'll wash again.
      Happy Hump Day! I hope you have help coaching.

    6. $kaycog Avatar

      zms, msz, jfk……..I'd think at seven months, he would be sleeping the night through. You'd think that if he didn't, the mother wouldn't want to inconvenient anyone with that. Maybe. GOOD LUCK!
      Having no A/C at your job is not good, but you seen to have adapted to the situation. How dare they think the equipment is worth more than you……oh, I see. 😉
      It stopped raining, and the sun is out. The higher elevations got snow today, possibly a foot in some places.
      Have a good evening couching and whatever else you do.

    7. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      We had hail last night, well more early this morning, woke me up, went and checked for tornado warnings and what not. It was pretty fierce short thunderstorm. Couching, ha! Yes I did do a bit of that last night. We watched a bit of the movie "Hot Chick." Did not do any coaching though, there were thunderstorms, oh well. But they cleared-up so we were able to uses the hot tub though with Kevin too since he was not able to fall asleep. That baby is sleeping with his mom in the guest bedroom, it's in the basement. It's the nicest place to sleep in the summer, very cool. But the mom seemed concerned when she called, so we'll see. I mean it's a nice room, it's where guests always stay, it's not damp or anything, has computer, TV, gamecube, radio, fouton, some drawers and hangers for clothing. Man I'd like to live there in the summer myself!
      Today Kevin has the first of three baseball games in a row. Also I was supposed to make a costume for his speech in class for tomorrow, whoops. I'll be doing that tonight, i hope he at least can still get his arms though the jacket I plan on cutting-up 🙂
      Have a good one,

    8. $kaycog Avatar

      zsm, szm, pto……Couching, hahaha. I obviously didn't proofread that, did I? Why would that mother be concerned about staying in the basement? It sounds like an ideal set-up.
      Have fun with the kids' games, and I hope it doesn't storm again.
      I just finished washing the outside of my house windows. I washed the inside last week. So now I'm ready to call it a day. Have a nice evening!

    9. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Good morning Skaycog,
      She was concerned that the basement is cold and the outside hot, so the temperature swings would be unhealthy. I figure you have a cover or two in the crib and then everything is fine, no clothes changes needed, new moms really over think kids is my opinion, I'll keep that to myself though cause I want to live. I put a crib down there that we borrowed from one of the neighbors. But I can move it where ever she wants. Like I said, I'd love to sleep there, bad for my kids if the baby cries though, great for Aga and me if we are 2 floors away in the coolest (in both senses) room in the house 😉
      Kevin did really well in baseball yesterday. He's not the greatest at sports, a lot like I was, so I was really proud of him. He's afraid of the pitcher hitting him with the ball lately too. Anyway at the end of the game he made a double play at third throwing to second and then they were down one. He made the tying run then after stealing second and third. So all the kids were really proud of him and he got the game ball. Coach was really nice too, he really makes the kids feel great, I like that about him. Afterward I took him and a buddy on the team for ice cream. It was really nice.
      When we got home my wife's aunt and cousin (from NY) were there. We spent some time together, saw some pictures of his gf which looks phenomenally like Aga did about ten years ago, and I took him on a drive in the Volvo. Then when they left I put together a costume for Kevin, a dark jacket and baseball pants, then it was bed time. Good job on the window cleaning hooray. Jake helped me to fix the lawn mower (again) two days back. He did a lot himself, I forgot to check the screws to the throttle/carb holding it to the gas tank, hope he did a good job!
      Have a good one,

    10. $kaycog Avatar

      mzs, szm, ftw………..Evidently, it's going pretty well with an infant in your house. How long are they going to be there? Yes, new mothers worry to death about everything. Does having a baby around make anyone want to have another one?
      I'm sure everyone is proud of Kevin in his sports. Hey…..he got the game ball! Good for him.
      TGIF, and the day is almost half gone. I'm ready for the weekend!

    11. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Happy Friday! There were a lot of reports of hail around…even up to baseball size! The storms the last few days were pretty isolated so not everyone got them. There are a lot of reasons for that but I think one of the main ones was that there wasn't enough wind shear to make a thunderstorm rotate and thus they were fairly numerous, but short lived storms.
      It's amazing how many resources are needed to keep mass amounts of computer and server equipment cool. We had a new server installed at the end of last year and they had to add a whole new building with cooling and a ginormous backup generator to keep things running in the even of a power failure.
      Have a good weekend!

    12. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Peter Max sure is a colorful guy! It's nice that you are getting some rain. Hopefully you get more…that drought keeps creeping it's way into your state!
      I've got another busy weekend. My sister and my brother's girlfriend will be graduating from college so I'll be running around southern WI all weekend!
      I hope your weekend goes well!
      <img src="; width=500>

    13. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      They are coming tonight, so I will know the answers soon. Actually I home the make it in, some nasty weather seems to be coming in right now. But yes I do worry that the baby will make Aga want to have more babies. I really enjoy making babies (apologies to the late great Rodney Dangerfield), it's just now I think we have enough. Aga also agrees, but every time she spends some time with one, she gets all gaga for babies again. Have a great weekend.
      Hi Tower,
      We've had to have addition AC put in, even now the floor is raised for cabling and cooling. We have some graduation parties going on here too, our neighbors. It makes me feel old. For example the next door neighbors, their daughter is graduating from college and having a party this weekend. I remember when she was a JH kid babysitting for us. In fact, and this is terrible, not long ago I had not seen her in years, and there was a young (attractive too) woman at our front door. Asking if we had a spare key, she had locked herself out. It took me a while to put two and two together and realize who it was. I'll chaulk this upo to her being now very good looking and my mind going clunk, but yeah I'm getting old when people's kids are now growing-up around me. I'll buy a corvette soon I guess. Have fun this weekend too!

    14. $kaycog Avatar

      TowerofPower……Thanks for that drought monitor. That is really interesting, and it's right on!
      It sounds like you have another busy weekend with graduations. Have fun, and I hope the weather is good. We want a food report of anything noteworthy. 😉

    15. $kaycog Avatar

      zms, mzs, arf……..I agree that three kids are enough, as it's so expensive to raise them. Infants frighten me….always did and always will. When they reach about six months of age is when I'm comfortable with them. "No, I don't want to hold your baby". 😉 I do love children, IF they're well-behaved. Of course, the same goes for adults.
      I'm going to a steak cookout tonight. Mmmmmm… favorite.
      Have a nice weekend!

    16. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      Thankfully Aga does not want another kid after spending time with this one. It's a great kid, really, but she rerealized just how much time a baby is. The kid is very well mannered as they go. He always smiles when I am around with him for example. Anyway don't have much time today, but I did go to lunch with Aga today, Indian buffet, I'm scared to weigh myself tomorrow. I have to go to a baseball game in a bit. Hope you had a good weekend and today.
      Have a good one,

    17. $kaycog Avatar

      szm, zsm, apb….I'm glad your weekend went well with the baby. And I'm also glad that it didn't give Aga the baby urge.
      My weekend was great. Friday night was steak cookout with friends. Saturday night I went out to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, but since I had steak Friday night, I had a chicken calzone, which is my second favorite thing there. On Sunday, I had planned on going to a nearby hillclimb, but the weather was drizzly and cold. So, after church, I came home and pretty much relaxed. And here it is Monday, and today is winding down.

    18. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Good morning Skaycog,
      Baby leaves today, I'll miss the little guy. Michelle was crying last night about him leaving. We told her we'd see him again in the winter. Glad you had a nice weekend, it's god and bad about the drizzling. Here it was cold last night. The game went long, in fact they have a rule to stop after a certain time, but the kids wanted to play to the real end of the game, so they kept playing. I gave Kevin my jacket, it really was awful for me. Then I did not go to the car to warm-up because Kevin was going to be up to bat, but the last out happened right before he got the chance. Anyway, sometimes kids want to do things, adult need to say no when they are bad ideas. I'll attribute it to the coaches being guys in this case.
      Have a good one,

    19. $kaycog Avatar

      mzs, smz, pto……..It sounds like Michelle grew quite attached to the baby…..I guess you all did.
      Happy Taco Tuesday! I just got back from lunch at Italian restaurant where I had a half an Italian chef salad, and it was really good. It had all sorts of veggies, plus turkey, ham and pepperoni with shredded mozzarella cheese. I'd definitely have it again. Not much else going on with me. Life is sweet.
      What are the highlighted numbers after our names here mean? And why the thumbs' up and down?

    20. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      Salad, not for me, but Aga seems to like them too. I used to be a vegetarian, even then I did not like salad. Isn't it funny to imagine me as a vegetarian? Guess why. Because of a girl I liked was! I'm prety predictable aren't I. Well also I had a boss/prof that was against cruelty to chickens in particular. Anyway you made me notice that my score is now 0. Neat I can get 69 again! Anyway it's supposed to be your reputation, the higher the better, I'm not very reputable, my score was 85 last I recall, so maybe they have a new algorithm or something that figures me better 😉 Anyway it's a bunch of bunkus like stars were at jalopnik. I had a moment earlier today where I tried to comment, got that connection error. Refreshed and everybody's icon was enormous. Later I came back and my comment was not there but still in the box, I added a 'ed' and submitted it. Later I saw both were there, I deleted one, site was being silly again today.
      The thumbs-up/down are for comments where you think were good or bad. Now I thumbs-up very very many comments, it's like an obsession I have, but most people don't. I very rarely thumbs down. I have done it for SPAM (which I also report). In fact there were two SPAMs on this post, somehow one of them is still there, maybe you can report the one from "Framkalla foto" who is SPAMing a website in internet forums with that comment. But anyway see how the score for that one is -1? That's what thubs-downing does. Very rarely do I thumbs down anything else. I think it's best to ignore, but sometimes people are rude, they are reminded of it, then they do the same in another reply in the same thread. I have thumbs downed in that case. I hate to see it used when someone disagrees with someone else, it's happened. I think that's an oportunity for a great discussion if everyone is civil instead.
      Have a good one,

    21. $kaycog Avatar

      szm, zsm, bbc….I like meat too much to be a vegetarian, but I don't eat it every day. My girlfriend that I had lunch with today is a vegetarian, but she does eat fish. For lunch today, she had a piece of cheese pizza and side salad. She's the only vegetarian that I know. Her husband isn't, but she does cook meat for him.
      I see the highlighted number behind your name her as 85. Don't you see it?
      Good grief! That post below that you said is SPAM is over a year old. I don't understand what he means.
      Have a good evening!

    22. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      I would think that it would be tough to be a vegetarian and cook meat for a husband. The delicious smell would overpower my primordial urge for delicious protein! Not much to report for food over the weekend except for one thing. We went to this restaurant in Galena, IL (maybe mzs knows this one) called Gobbie's Sports Pub. They had these appetizers called Beer Nuggets which were basically just pizza dough rolled into a ball and (I'm assuming) soaked in beer and then deep-fried. They were delicious and all you could eat!

    23. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      That's funny about your neighbors daughter. I'd probably clunk too. Isn't that funny about Corvette's too. I don't know a Corvette owner under 40 years old. And they are always driven with such care and slowly. Why spend $60K (or a lot more) on something you'll never use! Oh well, I have met people with Corvette's at autocross events that do use them. You would think tight courses would be a bear to navigate in a car with so much rear-wheel torque but man can they rip off fast times…even if they are a bit squirrely.
      Going to a Bowling For Soup concert tonight in Dubuque…man will I be tired for work tomorrow!

    24. $kaycog Avatar

      TowerofPower…..I don't know any Corvette owners of any age. A friend used to have one, but it was a make-a-quick-buck deal, so I guess that doesn't really count.
      I had one of my favorite meals this noon at a neighboring town…..bacon wrapped shrimp on a bed of fried onions and mushrooms, all on a bed of rice. I love both bacon and shrimp, and together, it's divine.
      What is Bowling for Soup?

    25. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi guys, I had those connection errors yesterday, trying again today.

      1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
        mr. mzs zsm msz esq

        Hi Skaycog,
        The number returned, magical. I missed a great opportunity for a bad joke last comment, oh well, it was a bad joke. Anyway why must you make me hungry? Aga made those awesome french toasts for today's breakfast, so dang blasted good! Is it a chain that had those shrimp? I'd like to try them.
        I now have a question for you. I have read that there is a way to thumbs-up articles here, or maybe it's a # out of 5 stars thing. I see no doodad for that. Is there one? Maybe Dearthair was just messing with me when I told him I wanted more things to click 😉 I don't have a way to vote for NPOCP at home either, I guess I'm just strange. I use the noscript that Tower does as well, so I break things online a lot.
        I have soccer soon, that's exciting, also Aga sent me a really nice note for by birthday, awww. Yesterday was rough for her. I don't know if I ever wrote about this before, but Kevin has ticks. I'd like say they have gotten better, but really just different. At least they are not audible anymore. We are going to another doctor on Tuesday, I have taken the day off to go, he's far away but expert, hope it works. Anyway that with the stress of upcoming birthday party for Michelle really bummed Aga out. I'm glad she's better today!

        1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
          mr. mzs zsm msz esq

          Hi Tower!
          I am such a bad fast driver, someday I want to try some racing. Aga though is very much against it. Racin found a team for lemons that needed another driver, but it took a few days of talking for me to realize it is something Aga is wa too worried about. She's right about me not being very good though. The scary thing is she would love for us to have a motorcycle. I'm so scared of those. The lemons team though they are great, they are all Polish and they drive a SAAB where they smoke meat while driving! Oh well, when my kids are all grown-up then.
          About neighbor daughter, I want to make clear it was a college graduation, so it's only mildly creepy. Anyway there was a sad thing that happened there. Last weekend I went out to take Max on a walk and I saw her dad on stretcher being taken to an ambulance. He waved to me, also she did, but she was really shaken-up. Her brother was hugging her. Then next day I talked to her mom, turns-out he had a massive siezure, yikes. Anyway that really put a damper on their party.
          You know I had a seizure once? I was kid at a friends birthday party. It was at a bowling alley. All of a sudden the lights made me feel all weird, next thing I know I was on the ground and a mom was talking to me. Doctor said I might grow out of them, never happened again. Really strange experience. Anyway you met me, you know how I bob around, I bet Kevin gets those ticks from me somehow, genetics.
          Have a good one,

          1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
            mr. mzs zsm msz esq

            Yippie, worked!

    26. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Bowling For Soup is a lesser known pop/punk/rock band. They are very lighthearted and fun and the concert last night was just that way. Lots of jokes, good music and excellent opening bands too. Probably the most I have ever laughed at a concert!
      That bacon wrapped shrimp sounds good…even if shrimp isn't my favorite thing. For whatever reason it makes me hungry for stir-fry but I have no meat at home for it! Oh well, the original plan of brats will still be good.
      [youtube Ajq4Ek-jChA youtube]

    27. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Seizures can be really scarey. My brother had one (due to a reaction to some medication he was on for a virus) and it was very scarey. Luckily my mom is a medical science nut (used to be a respiratory therapist) and knew how to calm it down.
      I'm glad Aga's better and I hope the specialist can figure out what's up with Kevin.

    28. $kaycog Avatar

      TowerofPower……Bowling for Soup is a band?? Haha! I thought it was some kind of charity benefit at the bowling alley, and that you were going to bowl a few frames. Too funny!
      I remember now that you don't like shrimp, which means we've talked about bacon-wrapped shrimp before. I have a feeling that I'll probably talk about it again the next time I eat some.
      We're still having Spring weather here……cool and occasional mist. I'm enjoying it before the heat of summer.

    29. $kaycog Avatar

      zsm, zms, gps….There is a thumbs up "Recommend This" at the end of the articles just above the box that says "You might be interested in:". Is that what you mean? Can you see it?
      Did you just have a birthday? You said that Aga sent you a note on your birthday. Also, I didn't know Kevin had ticks. What is that? I first thought you meant that he had ticks with legs that bury their heads into your body.
      The bacon-wrapped shrimp are at a local Mexican restaurant. There used to be another Mexican restaurant in town that also had them. So, frequent Mexican restaurants for them, I guess.
      Happy Thursday!

    30. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      I just had an IM conversation with my brother, this made me laugh:
      "i have like 5 or 6
      like i will chill with them shrot times
      im nto an idiot"
      I'm not alone in really unreadable typing, I guess it runs in the family! My birthday is on Sunday, scheduled right after Rapture, how convenient. It's funny your ticks comment reminded me that we were 4 days late in giving Max his monthly pill, thanks. The ticks though are the nervous kind. He used to have audible ones, a grunt, now he blinks his eyes and scrunches his nose. When I was a kid I had a time where my eyes would shake, stopped before 5th grade, like I said all this junk is thanks to your's truly here and his bad genes. At least he looks dashing, but that's not thanks to me 😉
      There are goslings everywhere now, I took some pictures, none turned-out good at all, but here is one a co-worker took:
      <img src="; width="500">
      Today Aga and I go out for dinner, I want those shrimp, but really have never seen it at any of the Mexican places I have been to, drat. I had a great gyro yesterday though. They sell the smaller sized one on Thursdays here at Bulldogs, it's plenty big enough!
      Have a good one,

    31. Alff Avatar

      Hi Gang!
      Just thought I'd drop in to wish you a Happy Birthday, Mike, since … you know … I might not be online on Sunday morning.
      Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I'm praying for sun – planning to paint the house. Mrs. Alff has chosen a vivid orange color ("pumpkin spice", actually) that I'm sure will raise the neighbor's ire. Ah, well, we don't have to please anyone but ourselves.

    32. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szm, clu…..You silly man; it's tic, not tick. No wonder I didn't know what you were talking about.
      I think tics are fairly common in children, and they usually get over them.
      Those goslings are adorable! But then, what baby critter isn't?
      Sorry you can't find any bacon-wrapped shrimp. Make your own.
      Have a great Friday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Sunday.

    33. $kaycog Avatar

      Alff….Hi, friend! I hope you have good weather to paint your house. The color Mrs. Alff picked out is very interesting. Let us know what the neighbors think of it……not that it matters. Good to see you! 🙂

    34. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Donkey-in-hat-man!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes, you know if come Sunday morning and I look across the bed and there is only Aga's PJs, that would be heart stoppingly frightening! In any case if all five of us are around on Sunday, there will be a party 😉 I read a chilling headline about that troubled woman that killed her child so they could meet in heaven. I hope that had nothing to do with all this. I did not want to read more to find-out. I like the orange color, have fun. Our first house was blue with a different shade of blue shutters and blue carpets inside. Everybody was saying, "Oh no, don't make a blue house, no one else will buy it!" But Aga really likes that color and we live in it after all. We didn't, have trouble selling it either, glad to hear you will be living in a bright pretty home too match your family!
      Hi Skaycog,
      Doh! You know I don't have that thumbs-up for stories doodad, oh well. Remember how a while back I was saying how NSF does not have a great track record with big long projects since at least the '80s that involve building things and that I was worried that the lab was getting involve in such a project:
      Oh that infuriates me, I'm glad we have Chu though. I really hope what happens is it becomes a DOE project and we do the big deep neutrino experiment but that will take money. Oh and thanks, I will have a great birthday I'm sure. Today I came in early and will be leaving early too. Aga and I are taking in a movie and then dinner. After that we have game night at some friends. Oh that reminds me, I hope I have a chance (no not end of the world and all, just lot to do before I leave today) funny story about Aga's friends. Remind me if I forget later.

    35. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      lol…I could see you thinking that with their band name. I probably should have specified. I was checking the Casino's website where they played and found out that they were hanging out and taking pictures after the show. We should have stuck around longer, it would have been fun and I would have still survived yesterday…just more tired.
      Baby critters are cute…even baby alligators!
      <img src="; width=500>

    36. $kaycog Avatar

      msz, zsm, atv…….Don't forget to tell the funny story about Aga's friends.
      I think everyone should have whatever color house they darn well please. Unless, of course, it's hideous, which I have seen some atrocious pink houses. I think paint colors are light in the can, and when you apply to the house, they are darker.
      Have a fun birthday weekend!

    37. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Tower,
      We went to see "Water for Elephants" and tehre was a neat surprise, part of the dialog was in Polish. But soon there was one person that was really cruel. I could not watch anymore and Aga thought the movie was going to be some romance set in Africa, so we left, she was not liking it much either. I can't stand realistic depictions of cruelty or violence well, but most acrion movies are fine for example, I'm just odd. Anyway that guy playing the cruel fellow was doing an exceptional job of the acting and it seemed too realistic to me and bothered me. Reese Witherspoon, erm I just did not get a sense that she had good chemistry with the animals and the men. Very bad acting in that regard. oh well, I wanted to see Thor or FF anyway, we still had fun, went to eat sushi then took Max on a walk in a forest preserve.
      Today we have the birthday party and baseball game. We already had soccer and baseball photos. Also we started the movie "The King's Speech" and it's much better than Elephants. Aga is already freaking-out a bit regarding the birthday party, I have to go help clean now. Oh funny funny at the game night, I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke-up after a while I noticed cocks, boobs, etc drawn allover my arm and face.
      Have a good one,

    38. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      Michelle's party wet great! But 8 girls that age are surprisingly loud. Now we relax.
      Have a good one,

    39. $kaycog Avatar

      szm, zms, dob…..Happy Birthday, Mike! I hope you have a great day celebrating this occasion. Oh, and LOTS of cake.
      I imagine eight little girls were pretty noisy. I'm glad the party went well!
      I went to a car show yesterday, and I was like a little kid in a candy store. There was something for everyone, and the weather was perfect, except for some wind. The sight that sticks in my mind was four De Loreans in a row. They were probably from a car club in Denver. Clubs also represented were Corvette, Thunderbird, Studebaker, Woodies, street rods, low riders, customs. I think there was at least one of every make and year of car since the 1900's. It was a great show with more than 400 cars there.
      Again, have a wonderful birthday!

    40. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      That's a really nice show you went to! I think there is one this weekend about half an hour away, but we have too much going on. They rarely have any low riders here, I would see them in shows in CA though. I miss those. What I did not see much in CA are called pro street here. They are like dragsters that look a lot like the original car until you notice the gigantic slicks, blower, or cage. Those are neat, like real world hot wheels cars.
      I got a bad headache on Saturday, then on Sunday it was the worst I have ever had, yikes. Still have a dull one today, but it's better. Aga says I have to keep the story about her friends to myself because she was not even supposed to have told me! Sorry everyone. I played Legos with my sons yesterday, we made this:
      <img src=""&gt;
      Have a good one,

    41. $kaycog Avatar

      mzs, szm, tdy……..Yep, it was a great car show and probably the biggest of the year in the area. There will be smaller ones throughout the summer not too far from me.
      How's your headache? Would it be caused by sinus problems? I hope it's all gone.
      You could tell us that story about Aga's friends, but tell us that it's just a story about some people somewhere. Now, I'm curious.

    42. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      Headache is still here, duller, was bad around 6PM, but not as bad as yesterday. Could be sinus, don't know, are there some at the back of the head? When we were on vacation in FL we had cable TV in the hotel room. One night I stayed-up and watched a program that was all about parasites. Now if I was a hypochondriac I would believe that I got some bug from the sushi and it had burrowed into my brain 😉 I'm sure I'll be fine in a day or two. Tomorrow we go to the doctor with Kevin, so you'll probably hear form me on hump day next. If I still have the head ache I'll tell the doctor, he/she is a neurologist. Ha spell check suggested urologist, I am a really bad speller!
      Have a good taco Tuesday then.

    43. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, smz, btu….People can get carried away with self-diagnosis of medical problems, but we all do it. But I'd never eat sushi again! (Just kidding.) I've never ever eaten it anyway. I've never heard of sinus' in the back of the head…..usually around forehead and temple area. I don't get headaches, unless I drink alcohol too fast.
      Hopefully, the doctor's report is Kevin is good. And I hope your headache is gone.

    44. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Awesome Lego Portal turret! That must have been quite a game party if you woke up with unmentionable drawings on your arms and face!
      Have a good Wednesday. I hope the headache gets better and that Kevin's doctor visit goes well.

    45. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      I didn't think about baby snakes. I googled some and you are right. They are not cute. Just small versions of their bigger selves. And extra greasy looking when fresh out of the egg. We saw a pretty big one on that nature preserve in Florida and it's just creepy how fast they can move without any legs.
      Happy hump day!

    46. $kaycog Avatar

      TowerofPower……We have Red Racer snakes in CO, and they really do move faster then other kinds of snakes. But no snake can move as fast as me when I see one. The Red Racers are primarily on the Front Range/Eastern parts of CO, and I've only seen two of them ever.
      It has been overcast with occasional light rain here the last two days…..I love it for a change.
      <img src=""width="500"/&gt;

    47. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skaycog,
      Geez is that snake eating another one!? That's like bad nightmare fodder there!
      Hi Tower,
      Thanks on the turret, I made another one with Jake yesterday. I think his looks even better. Maybe thew game night was not so good considering I fell asleep, or maybe the shots are what make a great game night. My opinion is is more games less drinking makes a better one.
      Kevin is fine, yippie. Next week he is going to have some more tests, but it's unlikely to be anything like epilepsy, just tics. Also got a bunch of great advice from the doctor. Now me I'm fine too, but I still have that bad headache. I even went to the doctor yesterday. He sent me to the ER, there I had a cat scan. Everything is good but they don't know why I have this stupid headache. I have some pain pills and Thursday I am seeing another doctor. Really, I simply hope it goes away by then. I'll write more about Kev and me later, but I'll look for a new place in a while.
      Have a good one,

    48. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      New place everybody:

  6. smokyburnout Avatar

    Ha! On my little iPod screen, that Beetle look like this car…
    <img src=""&gt;

  7. dculberson Avatar

    That seems like a pretty lousy deal for Dennis Amodeo. $250k cash and $250k in art work = $500k, that's only $14k per car. I imagine that in 1989 this collection was in pretty dang good condition. Now, some of them wouldn't be worth $14k but some of them would be worth far more. Just the 1953 might be worth a million or more nowadays. Average is close to $300k. None of the 1954-1962 is worth less than $50k if they're in good shape. So there's another $450,000. Total conservative so far is $750,000.
    And the "percentage of future sale" bit? Well, we've seen how that's worked out for him so far, 21 years later.

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