Mecum Machines: 'ello love, what uh you doin' 'ere

Any European machine is a rare sight at a Mecum auction. Even more rare is a modern one, but this 2007 Noble M400 is slated to cross the block on Saturday morning.
It makes over 500 horsepower. This one has under 8,000 miles and cost $125,000 new…
Oh, and it has a rebuilt salvage title. Any guesses on where bidding will fall?

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6 responses to “Mecum Machines: 'ello love, what uh you doin' 'ere”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    By any chance was it formerly yellow?
    If so, that "under 8,000 miles" figure might be a bit off.

    1. Joe_Btfsplk Avatar

      There are those that think that when you rebuild from salvage, it becomes "new" again. My guess is $25k.

      1. danleym Avatar

        If it goes that low, it would be a deal for someone looking for something fun for track days. Sure, it's got a salvage title, so it's been wrecked, but if it's been rebuilt right, it should work well enough for some track day fun. And yeah, with a salvage title you'll have liability only insurance, but you don't have to worry about that for the track, because your insurance isn't going to cover on track incidents. If I had the cash (which I don't) and was looking for a track day fun car (who here wouldn't like to have one?), I'd be looking closely at it.

  2. Synchromesh Avatar

    I saw one of these a few years ago at Larz Anderson Museum. Decent looking but not nearly as wild as Lambos and Ferraris.

  3. NoKetchup Avatar

    depending what has been done to it, I'd wager it goes around 50k.
    being a duratec fanboy, this is the definitive car that would be going in my garage if I won the lotto.

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