McLaren 570S: Your "affordable" super machine

The McLaren 570S is affordable.
Let me clarify… the McLaren 570S is affordable relative to its competition. That’s because it’s a McLaren and it has a starting price of less than $200,000.
This is your chance to drive a McLaren for the same price as a Nissan, an Audi, a Porsche, and a few other expensive machines.
Let’s be real… none of us can afford this thing, but it’s a damned bargain for the space in which it’s competing. This is the McLaren 570S and it’s f**king awesome
[Disclaimer: McLaren tossed us the keys to the 570S and included a tank of fuel. I then pretended I was a baller and bought the fancy ketchup at my local whole foods… then gave everyone the finger when I drove off.]

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One response to “McLaren 570S: Your "affordable" super machine”

  1. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    Most definitely on the list headed,
    ‘Should I dump some income earning assets because you only live once and you really should make the most of it, there’s more to life than money?’
    Under Item 1.
    But then realising for that much money I could buy a Citroen SM, AND an R32 Skyline GTR and have change for other cars which really is the true Hooniversal answer.

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