MAT's Gruppe B Celica Restoration Will Make You Feel Inadequate


In all likelihood, you’ve already been sent a link to Makela Auto Tuning’s restoration of this awesome Gruppe B Toyota Celica coupe. And then you proceeded to waste the next 6 hours glued to the screen clicking through all the amazing restoration shots. In case you haven’t, click through for the link.

MAT apparently are a bunch of Finnish tin-wizards who laugh in the face of horribly contorted and corroded unibodies – their gallery of the Celica restoration is here, for those who can’t stand to wait any longer. These dudes probably sleep with an angle grinder under the pillow. They specialize in ex-Gruppe B racers, but they occasionally have time to create ridiculous Cossie-powered Model As. Amazing, amazing stuff. And of course, if old J-tin isn’t your thing, there’s always the rally Ferrari 308 restoration to drool over. Wait, scratch that. click on any of their projects, and you should be drooling. Any of them.


  1. That Model A is amazing. I especially like how they gave it a switch to make it misfire on command, thus tricking everyone around it into thinking it still has the original flathead motor.

    1. Oh, man, I'm with you. I can't believe I missed that post. That's a work af art, absolute genius. I have a buddy who has a '29 Phaeton, and this sleeper looks as original as Tom's car. However, I'll bet that the Cosworth sounds less like a sewing machine than Tom's bone-stock '29.

  2. These guys are true hoons who found a way to make money off their hoonage. I applaud them.
    I wonder, though, if this project was like my Project House Hell. On first glance it doesn't look that bad, but once you start getting into it you realize there are walls on walls, 4' by 2' holes covered by 4 layers of wall paper and paint, HVAC ducts run to stupid places, and a strange mix of copper and aluminum wiring all run to 3 breakers.

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