Boston is one of the oldest American cities. Its varying architecture, almost random at times, can be easily modified to look like many other North American cities. This, along with four real seasons, easy access, nearby ocean and mountains, make this city a good one to make movies. In the Charlestown neighborhood moviemaking has become quite common. And it was just yesterday that a friend told there was a parking with some old movie cars waiting for their big moment that I should check out.

Looking at the below cars, it’s tough to figure out where the movie or show will take place. The mildly marked police car has Detroit written on it and the taxi cab is from “Blue Ridge Mountain Taxi Co”. It’s even tough to say which year the story would take place in. The vehicles vary from the 1960s to what could be as late as late 1980s. The newest vehicle seems to be the post-1987 Ford F-series.