Marc VDS Racing Team is selling two Ford GT race cars

If you were ever looking to start a racing team, we have some great news for you. Marc VDS Racing Team is selling off two Ford GTs, a GT1 and a GT3 FIA World Championships cars. Available along with the two cars are two pit gantries and some backbit number boards. Both cars have podium finishes under their belt so you know that they at least were competitive, only missing with your mad Gran Tourismo driving skillz. 


The less powerful GT3 spec car has about 550 horsepower and has an asking price of 220,000 Euro, which is $295,020. That does not include the extra engine, suspension or body parts. Not bad for a car with only 4000 miles on the odometer. If it has an odometer.

The more powerful GT1 spec car has 665 horsepower and will cost you 290,000 Euro, or $389,000. Here you get a choice of two cars, one with 7000 miles and other with 10,0o0 miles. Spare parts and taxes are not included. 

There you have it. Now all you need is transportation, fuel, pit crew, tools, tires,… well, you’ll need a lot. 

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