Marc Urbano’s Monochrome series is lovely and you need to see it

Marc Urbano is a fantastic automotive photographer. He’s skilled at capturing emotion in motion when he shoots for any one of his many clients. You’re probably most familiar with his work when it appears on the pages of Car and Driver. But Marc shoots for tons of other folks as well, including Porsche and Apex.One. It’s that last one we’re looking at today because they host Urbano’s excellent Monochrome series of photos. Let’s take a brief look at each of the three in reverse order:

3. The Sonoma Green Audi RS5

Green is almost always a great color option for a car. On the Audi RS 5, Sonoma Green might as well be the only car option for this Sportback four-door. It’s a stunner both in pictures and in person. And it looks perfectly at home in the lush world of Northern California. Urbano captures the brilliance of the car as it blasts across this verdant world.

Check out the rest of the Audi photos here.

2. The Argento Nuerburgring Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

A rocketship heading towards the moon. It wouldn’t be weird to imagine that the shooting brake Ferrari could shoot off into orbit. With the moon as its destination, the wonderful gray paint would blend into the lunar landscape. Since it’s not quite capable of a moonshot, Urbano brought it to Searles Lake in California. There the Italian super machine still manages to stand out amongst the sea of craggy rocks and desolation. It brings beauty to nothingness… although there’s a beauty to that nothingness as well.

Check out the rest of the Ferrari photos here.

1. The Obsidian Black Metallic Mercedes-AMG S63

A deep black for a deeply stirring machine. The S63 manages a dual-natured existence. If you can have a subtle sledgehammer, then this is that tool. Wickedly powerful yet comfortable, the car manages to have curves that are both soft and powerful at once. Urbano chose the Pisgah Crater for this edition of his Monochrome photo essay, and it’s an excellent choice. A crater is a powerful reminder of what is possible in this universe. And the Mercedes-AMG S63 is a powerful example of what’s possible down here on Earth.

Click here to see the rest of the Mercedes-AMG photos.

[Images used courtesy of Apex.One]

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2 responses to “Marc Urbano’s Monochrome series is lovely and you need to see it”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    The Mercedes photos look downright otherwordly. Like a luxury sedan on a Mars mission.

  2. Klod Loft Avatar
    Klod Loft

    Now, in my opinion, taking good pictures is relevant and in demand.

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