Mahindra completely redesigns the Roxor to look less Jeep-like

Some time ago Jeep got pissed off that the Mahindra Roxor looks too much like the Jeep CJ/Wrangler, because it sure as hell did. Lawsuit, judge, legal crap, blah blah, AND now the Roxor has been TOTALLY  REDONE (emphasis mine) and it no longer looks like a Jeep.

Job done, Mahindra. Job fucking done. Beers and high-fives all around.


photo: Jalopnik

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  1. They should offer to send their designers to the Chinese as consultants. That is some brilliant work to skirt the look of a Jeep. I mean it looks like a Bantam or Ford General Purpose vehicle but definitely not a Jeep.

  2. I thought they were totally within their rights thanks to an old licensing agreements, or did that just cover production in India and not sales in the US?

    1. I’m gonna guess you don’t live in a central-plains state where even kei-trucks have been road-legal by state law almost anywhere except divided 4-lane/Interstate highways for the last few years…

      1. Use on public roads is still pretty limited in the US, and even in the states that permit kei trucks and UTVs on the roads, the law sometimes varies by county or even city. I agree with desmo on this one– the Roxor is irrelevant to most Americans. For $16k, you can build one helluva CJ or Wrangler and drive it daily wherever you want, and as fast as the speed limit will allow.

    2. You’ve also missed out on how the side-by-side market has absolutely exploded in the last decade or so too, right?

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