Magazine Time Machine: Road & Track May 1958

A couple of weeks ago I started with Road & Track’s beautiful covers, and I can’t help but come back to another one. This copy was released just a month before the issue used in the inaugural post of this type.  I’ve got a lot of well-preserved magazine issues, so here’s another one from the archives. Keep in mind, this paper was printed 60 years ago. Inside this issue, there’s a lot of really cool ads, some compelling photographs, and some interesting reviews, not to mention the insanely cheap classifieds ads in the back of the issue.

MG – Safety Fast! I love that old slogan. I’ve had a soft spot for the little British cars since I bought my old Triumph TR-7. My wife tends to like the designs of the MGA and wants a twin-cam. I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of negativity in my life.12038527_10100319216187109_1058618531182181582_n
I’ve never even seen a Panhard Dyna Z. This little advertisement for them was pretty cool. Over 800 sportscar victories? Who knew?
This was easily my favorite section of this issue, the “review” of the Abarth 750 Bertone. Jeff was just talking about coachbuilt cars like this earlier in his Rezvani video. I think I like the Bertone body better than the Zagato body. The article states that this sleek and streamlined body allows the Abarth 750 to achieve almost 100 miles per hour. Out of a tiny high-rev engine. In the late 1950s. How many big-bore American cars could even achieve that kind of speed at that time?
This full color center spread made me almost weep. The two-tone coupe is gorgeous, and the little green cabriolet is something dreams are made of. I think I need one. Oh, I don’t have enough money? Story of my life…
The sad part is that even I could afford a used Ferrari Testa Rossa in 1958. I mean, I understand inflation and whatnot, but holy crow. That car in today’s money would be exactly $47,954. Can you buy a year old Ferrari racing car for just under 50 grand today? I didn’t think so.
Oh, by the by, is that a Ferrari 750 Monza for 8 grand?
And grabbing the back cover in all its color glory, Jag advertises their hand-built quality and exclusivity. Hard to argue with that gorgeous touring saloon, though. In case you need an excuse to buy a Jaguar. Now THAT is an advertising campaign.

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  1. mseoul Avatar

    Keep it up! Great series on the old magazines.

  2. Maymar Avatar

    Funny to think of Jaguar bragging about resale value…

  3. tonyola Avatar

    I wish Road & Track and Car and Driver would do what several prominent magazines have done – release a complete collection of issues on DVD-ROM. I would be first in line to buy with the full realization that the following month or two would be absolutely ruined.

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