One of my favorite cars, period, is actually two cars. I have this unabashed desire to own either a Dodge Daytona or Plymouth Superbird someday. These cars were built for hot nasty speed during a unique period in NASCAR history. Outright displacement wasn’t the answer for victory. The cars needed something else… and that’s why both the Superbird and Daytona wear massive nosecones and wings. Aerodynamic upgrades that allowed the cars to go faster than anyone else.

These are rare machines today. A homologation special destined to wind up in the hands of those in the know. And that’s where the cars reside today.

Road & Track has a great story on the love for the aero cars. It’s comprised of Elana Scherr’s great words and DW Burnett’s beautiful photos. If you need a great read on this odd Thursday that you’re home from work, you should head there now.