Long Shots: The Pontoon Edition

One of this olelongrooffan’s favorite Mercedes Benz was spotted while I was down in FantasyLand a couple weeks ago.  I would suspect this is a grey market Benz given the fender mounted amber turn indicators just in front of each door. This one of my favorite old school Mercedes body styles. When this olelongrooffan was a mere snip of a youngster, a Catholic priest friend of my folks owned one of these. It was black with a red leather interior. The interior of the, I believe it was a 66 model, smelled so luxurious compared to the stale vinyl the folks longroofs had. That priest’s car had the same “three on the tree” transmission, if I remember correctly. Everytime he came to visit, thejeepjunkie and I would go out and I would get in the backseat while thejeepjunkie pretended to chauffeur me around. Ahhhh, fond memories of that old Benz. This Benz is in super sharp condition and the chrome on it was still quite bright. This olelongrooffan would totally Hoon this thing around, even if the roof isn’t long enough. And I think the only dashboard more spartan than this one was the one on my olestationbus.  Overall, this car is in beautiful shape and if it runs as good as it looks, the owner has a real treasure. Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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