Long Shots: Sebring Sunbird

IMG_2305 So there this olelongrooffan was, cruising down Highway 98, less than a mile from the Sebring International Raceway and just beside a mom-n-pop fruit stand (delicious Georgia peaches BTW) was parked this late ’70’s Pontiac Sunbird. It looked in decent shape less the fading red paint on the bonnet. IMG_2306 My former wife drove one just like this during her college years. Hers had the very same ultra tacky vinyl landau roof and cheesy wheel covers. Red velour interior with a slushbox between that wheezing four cylinder and the rear axle. IMG_2307 While every GM division had their own version of this body style, the bulk of them, at least it seems to this olelongrooffan, were hatchbacks making this notchback rare indeed. Hey, I didn’t say valuable, just rare. And it shows just 56,000 on the odo. IMG_2308 Yeah and the first time my future (and former) wife kissed me, we were sitting in the front bucket seats of that red Sunbird. I should have taken notice when she totaled that ride the following summer. Image Copyright Hooniverse/2014 longrooffan

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