Long Shots: Hooniverse Tudor Tuesday: The Town Coupe' Edition

When this olelongrooffan was down in FantasyLand a few weeks ago, my daughter, TheSmartOne, and I were out and about checking out some cars of interest. While we were in the lot that possessed that Defender 110 I featured, I belatedly captured this image of a late 70’s Lincoln Town Cow. A little later this olelongrooffan was glad that event occurred.

Just a little bit later TheSmartOne and I came across its even more rare sibling. Yes, my fellow Hoons, it’s a Lincoln Town Coupe’.

It appears to this olelongrooffan this Town Coupe’ was offered in nearly direct competition to the Lincoln Continental Mark Series and Cadillac’s Coupe de Ville.

This thing, like yesterday’s Long Shot’s Coupe de Ville, is about a mile and a half long and possesses a trunk big enough to carry just about anything a Hoon would need to transport.

It also has those old school slots in the bumper in which the jack was inserted should you experience tire related issues while out Hooning around.

On this one the pop back headlight covers appear to be inoperable and that is never a good sign. Although its $8,500.00 Buy It Now price reflects some of the inperfections this Town Coupe’ possesses.

And I have this to say about that. Good Luck to any Hoon who might need to find a replacement lower grille for this old beauty.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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