Long Shots: Elkys and Econolines

Because we all love Elkys and Econolines. Last weekend this olelongrooffan traveled the back roads up to enjoy a leisurely lunch with a long time ago girlfriend, the badgecarryingblonde, and on the way home over in the neighboring burg of Walnut Shade, I spotted a car lot with these two beauties parked out front. That Elky was priced at a mere thirty five hundred bucks. Click on through to see what else was spotted that sunny late summer day here in the Ozark Mountains.

When the local highways were transformed from windy country roads to near Eisenhower Interstate Highways, they did some serious blasting and it never fails to amaze this olelongrooffan how much rock was moved to create these new thoroughfares.
But it was just down the street from NotSoLilJim’s home that this beauty was spotted. I believe it may have been my Long Shot of the year thus far. Of course a certain Editor of a certain blog came to mind as soon as I spotted it.
Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

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