Long Shots: An Original Honda Civic Sedan


So this olelongrooffan has previously related how I am spending most of my day, these days, cruising the streets of a high end community here in FantasyLand whoring myself and my staff out doing whatever our homeowners need to have done to make their homes complete. As such, the time available for V.I.S.I.T. or Long Shots sightings are relatively limited. Plus, there are so many sights to be seen round here (RHD E30 Touring, an 80’s era M6 and a pristine ’87 Commanche in one day) it is difficult to capture images of all of them to share with my fellow Hoons no matter how much that is my passion. However, recently, this olelongrooffan was heading south on the Tamiami Trail down to pick up my cache of oxford shirts from my dry cleaners and passed by this Mobil filling station that always captures my interest. And today was no different. Can my fellow Hoons see just what it is that captured my attention?


Yes Hoons, it is that Honda Civic four door sedan comfortably resting in the shade of that old oak tree. And from what I can ascertain, this appears to be bone ass stock, just the way this olelongrooffan likes them. (A sidebar exception may be the window louvers but that is about it.) I couldn’t believe it. The last time I had seen one of these even similar was in my local U-Pull-It up there in the Birthplace of Speed and it was in a whole lot worse shape than this Silver Bullet.


Try as I might, during a 3/4 walk around this near original condition Civic, other than the faded paint, it was difficult to find fault with this ride. No tin worm infestation, no door dings, no dented bumpers. This is a true, albeit aged, Condo Car. Now, I can hear my fellow Hoons scratching your heads and asking “Just what the h*ll is a condo car?” Well down here in this neck of the woods it is common for the owners of their second or third (or more) homes to keep a car here just so they can jet in and jet out. Granted an 82ish Civic is not currently the car of choice but back in the day, it was a perfect candidate and this one has served its owners well.


It was when this olelongrooffan was finishing up the final quarter of that walk around that I spotted the only tin worm infestation I could see on this antique. Sure, there is some warpage in the plastic bumpers and serious discolorization all around but this ride is one I would have in my livery any day.


Yeah, the insides need some serious skin regrafting but with only 071,977.3 miles on the odo and with what appears to be regular maintenance, this olelongrooffan would definitely take a chance on ownership of this pioneer.


Plus, that cool *ssed luggage rack on the rear deck lid is always a deal sealer.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan

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