Long Shots: 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix

IMG_2350 So, part of the activities this olelongrooffan enjoys as a part of my work day is performing customer walk throughs of existing model and speculative homes the company which provides me enough money to keep TheSmartOne in college sells on a fairly regular basis. For the most part this is pretty cool until I come across an older model home that was had the slab for it built to low for the driveway to properly drain to the street. As a result, a trip to my local drainage supply house is required to purchase drainage supplies necessary for my guys to install a drain sized to allow for rain runoff to do just that, runoff. That is opposed to back flowing into a million dollar coach home garage. But, as a result, the cool thing for this olelongrooffan and, hopefully, my fellow Hoons is that I get provided the opportunity to stumble across some pretty sweet stuff. And one of those things would be this 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix. Ironically enough, it was available in front of a trailer supply house and parked out where it couldn’t be missed. Check it out after the jump.   IMG_2351 General Motors produced just over 58,000 of these Ponchos in model year 1971 and I am pretty sure most of them were offered in a certain hue a Facebook Society Group lusts after. Yes, that would be a variety of the colour brown. This one, however, sports a faded shade of silver that may, or may not, be original to this ride. IMG_2352 While this Grand Prix was not the infamous SSJ model and it wasn’t the Hurst model as marketed by the ever lovely Linda Vaughn, even with the 400 under the bonnet and its “rebuilt tranny,” this olelongrooffan doubts it was as fast as it looked. These, along with the Monte Carlo, (was there a Buick as well?) were the desirable personal midsized GM luxury cruisers of the day. But wait! What is that just below the rear window chrome trim molding? IMG_2354 As I am sure my fellow Hoons may have noticed in the previous image, this early ’70’s street machine was not just oxidized silver in colour but also a familiar shade of brown. Rust brown that is. IMG_2356 With its Torque Thrust style of wheels and its relative rarity, this Grand Prix looked good from across the street, but up close it was easy enough to note that the tin worms had had a field day on this once pristine automobile. IMG_2357 And with that J.C. Whitney sourced sunroof, I am certain the interior of this one has a unique scent of mildew to share with its inhabitants. IMG_2358 Having said that, even though its roof isn’t long enough, if this were the only image I had seen of this ride, it would be parked in my driveway at this very moment. However, as the owner is looking at 3 large for this 125,000 mile, never A/C equipped automobile, I seriously don’t see that happening. Afterall, there is a 92 525 touring with 131,000 on its clock available less than an hour away for merely twelve hundred bucks. But either one would be an adventure, wouldn’t they? Image Copyright Hooniverse/2014 longrooffan

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