Long Shots: 1963 Rover 3 Litre Automatic

IMG_2285 So it was a whiles back this olelongrooffan  was out and about seeing what could be seen. One of the things I spotted was that 1969 BMW parts car wannabe. Yeah only someone here in the Hooniverse would recommend talking the guy down to 66% of his asking price and snagging that ride for potential use as a donor car at some point in the future. Yeah, I love it here. Anyways, after checking out that rusty ride, the owner mentioned this olelongrooffan may just be interest in what he had out back. And I was. With the rising sun reflection on the front windscreen, I couldn’t help but think that in 1963 the European export market was seeing another type rising sun reflecting upon it. And that rising sun was coming from the other side of the Pacific Ocean in the form of the soon to be burgeoning Japanese car export market. But in the meantime, let’s take a look at something from Rusty’s neck o-the-woods. IMG_2286 This 1963 Rover has more design details that I can shake a stick at. I mean I owned a 1963 Ford Falcon Station Bus and it didn’t include 1/3 of the elements seen on this singular sedan. JDM style fender mounted mirrors? And how many turn signal indicators does one need on the front of an automobile, no matter how cool. That grille out front has more chrome in that one element than my olestationbus had on its entire body. And that DS inspired antenna located in the center of the windscreen on the roof, no less. And that wrap around windscreen appears to be inspired by the ones seen on many Amurican manufactured automobiles in the 50’s and ending, I believe, with the 1960 Chevrolet full size cars. This olelongrooffan also noticed the name, ROVER, on the front fender just before the entire side mounted chrome trim piece. And from this angle at least, that C pillar is reminiscent of a 1955 Chrysler New Yorker, one of which my brother, thehorsefarmer, owned back in the late 1960’s. IMG_2287 The view from out back offered a whole nother idea of styling. The C pillar looks entirely different from this angle and that trunk, well it seems to be right off a similar era Volvo sedan. Although that Sunshine State license plate can’t be seen well in the above image, it expired in 06/05 so I would suspect it has been sometime since this ole beauty has seen any on street action. IMG_2288 This olelongrooffan has always liked Rusty’s way of spelling litre, and colour for that matter. IMG_2290 And although it is tough to see in this through the windscreen grabbed image, that is a SU carb still in the box resting comfortably on the floorboard just awaiting to be installed under the bonnet of this heavy sedan. Yeah, the owner mentioned that when he needs to move this ride around his yard, it takes three grown men to push this nearly 4,000 pound beast around. IMG_2291 This olelongrooffan so enjoys JDM style mirrors so much that I had to capture another image of them just for posterity’s sake. IMG_2292 And, inadvertently, I captured another image of that SU box while trying to capture the overall look of the dash on this 66,371 mile possessing automobile. I can only imagine who the target market for this Rover would be. Wait! My pops, TheGentleManFarmer, owned a similar era Hillman Minx and a little later a Citroen DS 21. I’m pretty sure Madison Avenue had him in their gunsights when marketing this sweet sedan. IMG_2293 And about those turn signal indicators, or possibly are they parking lights? As can be seen in the above image, the lens on this one has gone missing. I will also direct my fellow Hoons attention to the flat slotted screws holding that fixture in place. I don’t believe I have ever seen this style of screw on any automobile, although I am equally confident some of my fellow Hoons will come up with many examples of them. IMG_2294 But having said that, this olelongrooffan sure is not interested in trying to source of these Lucas stamped plastic pieces that are some 50+ years away from being NOS. Nor the one required to be replaced below it. Images Copyright Hooniverse/2014 longrooffan

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