Lightweight Galaxie is the Jumbo Shrimp of the Car World

Here’s a nicely completed Lightweight Galaxie replica offered on the Detroit Craigslist for $19,950. I don’t know about you, but it turns on my staging lights.
The first Ford Lightweight Galaxie was built in mid-1963. That car, driven by legendary Ford driver Dick Brannan, brought the blue oval brand their first NHRA Super/Stock record, and presaged a series of wins that led to Ford taking the NHRA World Championship in 1964. Fewer than 200 of the mostly 427-cid powered cars were built, and today they can draw six figures on auction.
This repli-racer is offered at a mere fraction of that, and, while it lacks the history, it shouldn’t lack the heart-stopping performance of the original cars. The 500 horsepower should be good for 12-second quarters and really, would you even attempt that with a real one unless your name was Rockefeller or Hilton?
Detroit Craigslist


    1. Man, I really liked this car, but that is misleading. I wonder if the output is in the same neighborhood as the original. Don't get me wrong, I'd still rock it's socks off at the track, but I would have to peel off the 427 decals if they aren't accurate.

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