Friend of Hooniverse Matt Farah has finally cut the ribbons and opened his new facility. It’s a storage center for high-end cars. The place is called Westside Collector Car Storage, and I had the chance to drive up and take a look. This is one seriously impressive building, built in a place where it’s hard and expensive to build such places. Click play below for a quick look at WCCS.

The challenge in getting this facility built lies with strict building codes, which are in turn strictly enforced. Space is expensive here in Southern California. You can’t build out which means you must build up. That’s when things start to really get tricky because we have lots of earthquakes and lots of fires here, and there are codes surrounding all of that. At WCCS, the vehicles parked on the main floor are able to be stacked four cars high. These stackers can hold plenty of vehicle, as the max load would be something along the lines of a Bentley Bentayga or a long-wheelbase Range Rover.

Stack ’em up

I asked Matt how long it would take to get a vehicle down if you wanted one from the top of a fully booked stack. He says it can be done in just 15 minutes. That seems quick to me, but if it’s long for you there’s a member’s lounge. Inside are lockers to store some high-priced hooch or your favorite cigars. There’s a little library of car books to keep you occupied and a racing sim if you feel like turning virtual laps.

Additionally, this facility is also Matt’s new office and podcast studio. The studio space itself is very well done. The lighting and room tone is excellent while the equipment to run all of it is simplified. His entire podcast can be operated and controlled from an iPad. And guests can look out a window in the room that stares at a nearby stack of precious metal.

Obviously, the ability to park your car here means you have dough. This isn’t an inexpensive parking solution. It’s for those with means and a need to put some cars away with the proper care being taken of those cars. And that’s what customers at WCCS most certainly get.