Let's All Go To The Freeway!

101 Freeway
Nothing says relaxing afternoon adventure like hanging out overlooking the 101 Freeway in the Cahuenga Pass.
Image: Beyond Highbrow

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  1. mdharrell Avatar

    I have gone to the freeway. I have gone to the freeway in my Freeway. I also have gone to the freeway towing my Freeway. I only have one Freeway, however, so I have never gone to the freeway in my Freeway towing a Freeway. This man, therefore, is my hero:

    1. 0A5599 Avatar

      Now try it with the dog from Hart to Hart as a passenger.

  2. CruisinTime Avatar

    Anti-Loonie Squad is on it.

  3. irishzombieman Avatar

    Puts me in mind of this, from when CalTrans closed the 405 (“Carmageddon! CARMAGEDDON!”) just south of 101 (and just west of the above photo) to tear out a bridge.

    1. hwyengr Avatar

      One of the nights of Carmageddon I headed out to the westside, got on the 405 heading south just south of the bridgework, and I didn’t see another car until Santa Monica Blvd.
      It. Was. Creepy.

      1. irishzombieman Avatar

        I have family in Reseda and family in Santa Monica, so every time I go to L.A. I drive this at least twice. I’ve done it at 3:00 a.m. and it was a no-accidents-or-hazards bumper-to-bumper crawl. I’ve never seen it *not* jammed. Can’t imagine it empty.

      2. irishzombieman Avatar

        Also, one summer visit a few years back, it was 65 degrees in Venice, 112 in Reseda. I remember hitting a wall of heat just past the summit and wondering if my engine had blown up.

  4. mrh1965 Avatar

    I love this photo, it screams “Progress”. Yes, let’s sit in the healthy California sunshine next to this shiny new freeway winding through these picturesque hills. Everything is perfect here and it clearly will be that way FOREVER. We are Americans and this is our century.

    1. Krautwursten Avatar

      At least people back then managed to entertain themselves simply by going places and looking at new things in amazement.

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