Peter Monshizadeh is wrenhing on all sorts of great projects on his Practical Entusiast channel. From bikes to cars, Peter has a lot of work ahead of him but all of his vehicles are interesting. Like any home wrench though, he’s run into a bit of trouble with one of the cars. Peter has a BMW E30 he recently purchased, and upon getting it home he discovered the car is in a lot worse shape than he initially thought. In fact, he’s now had to add a new skill to his wrenching resume; welding.
This 1989 BMW 325i looks like an enjoyable driver on the surface. Once the car was up in the air, however, Peter discovered plenty of rust lurking… all over the place. Rather than throw in the towel, Peter advanced his personal skill set by purchasing a welder and learning how to use it. A project like this is the perfect platform to serve as a teaching tool and now Peter has set out repairing his swiss cheese E30.
Head over to Jalopnik for an in-depth look at his process, the rest, and the repairs.
[Source: Jalopnik]